What is the movie about Near the horizon? Plot and anticipations

In recent years more and more American romantic comedies for teenagers have crossed the threshold of our cinemas. For example, I Still Believe , with KJ Apa, or the announcement of the sequel to After . In this case, however, we are talking about a film titled German Near on the horizon ( Dem Horizont so nah , in original language).

The plot tells the story of Jessica , a girl from 18 years that loves life. In front of her a bright future appears, until she falls in love with Danny , of 20 years. He is handsome, charming and self-confident. However, behind that façade of perfection lies a dark secret. Jessica , therefore, realizes that she will not have the life she so much dreamed of. However, one thing is very clear: he believes in this love and in Danny . He will fight for him and their relationship, because it doesn't matter how much he loves, but how deeply he does it.

According to the anticipations , the film, based on one true story , tells of Jessica Koch's experience. The main theme of the story is HIV infection, on which other topics such as abuses revolve. During an interview with the protagonists of the film Near the horizon , made by Kreisbote , here's what he said Jannik Schumann and about:

I did not know how things were at that time and they informed me precisely on this: what it meant to contract the disease over the years 90 and what medical treatment to follow.

Luna Wedler , the female protagonist said, again in relation to film Near the horizon :

Today is something completely different. I think it's a shame that people don't talk about it yet. It's a taboo subject. I tried to grasp its meaning.

Near the film horizon cast actors and characters

Regarding the cast del film Close to the horizon , the only two known names are those of characters protagonists. Indeed, Jessica and Danny have the faces of Moon Wedler and Jannik Schumann , respectively. As revealed during the interview with the aforementioned newspaper, the two young people actors did not know each other before. Here, then, are her words:

I met him for the first time at castings. A special, magical moment

He, Danny in movie Close on the horizon , instead, he said:

The scene of the caterpillar was the one we had to play at castings. We constantly looked into each other's eyes as we sat together on this merry-go-round

Near the horizon film trailer and video

Not long ago, M2 Pictures' YouTube channel uploaded the trailer in Italian del film Near the horizon .

Inside the video , therefore, we see the first meeting of Jessica and Danny , but also their first date. We can also see how his secret leads the protagonist to go against everyone just to live that deep love until the last moment

When does it come out? The release date in Italy

Ma when the movie comes out Close to the horizon ? The release date in Italy , as we can also see from trailer just above, is set for 24 October 2019 .

Where to watch the film in streaming Near the horizon

Some of you may wonder how and where to see in streaming the German film Near the horizon . For the moment, unfortunately, we do not have an answer to this question. The feature film, in fact, has yet to come out in Italian cinemas. For this reason we cannot know if any platform will acquire distribution rights thereafter. The most probable thing, however, is that Sky , a few months after arriving in the hall, you send it in wave on Sky Cinema or Sky Primafila . To get more details about it, we just have to wait a little longer.

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