What is Mulan's live action about? Plot and advances

The Disney is almost ready for launch in the cinemas of the live action of Mulan in 2020 . The Disney movie , in fact, is taking shape thanks to the choice of actors protagonists.

We all know the cartoon that came out in 1998. The plot follows Fa Mulan , a girl who to protect the sick father decides to go to fight for the Chinese army in his place. Being a woman, however, she must hide her true identity and disguise herself as a man. Here, in the training camp, she gets acquainted with various characters : the cute little dragon Mushu and three new friends who will support her after a stormy start.

Mulan also finds love in the captain Li Shang , who will begin to feel feelings towards the girl, while continuing to believe him a man. At the end of the film, the protagonist faces the head of the Huns, Shan Yu . The two fight an exhausting fight until Mulan has the upper hand. Once he receives the emperor's thanks, he returns home, while Mushu is promoted to guardian of the Fa family.

But of what Mulan's live action is about ? We don't have much anticipation regarding the Disney movie in exit in 2020 . The basic story, of course, will take its cue from the cartoon, but the story could unfold in a new way. As for the songs, however, according to what reported by The Geek Herald, there should not be. However, we will have more information in the coming months.

Mulan live action cast actors and characters

As far as the cast is concerned, we will have quite important changes. The male protagonist will change and will have the name of Chen Honghui . The new character is described as a arrogant, cruel and domineering man. Most likely, it will be Mulan to push him to change, which will make him fall in love with her. Another corridor entry, reported by The Insider, informs us that Mushu could be replaced by another animal, or a phoenix. Let's see now which other actors will be part of the cast of live action by Mulan , in theaters since 2020 , and which characters will play in Disney film :

  • Liu Yifei is Mulan
  • Yoson An is Chen Honghui
  • Donnie Yen is the commander Thung
  • Jet Li is the emperor

For the moment we only know these names, but many more will arrive in the near future. The film will be directed by Niki Caro, while Rick Jaffo and Amanda Silver will write the script. The production features Jason Reed, Jake Weiner and Chris Bender. Finally, Bill Kong will act as executive producer.

Mulan live action trailer and video

Last July Disney released the teaser trailer of Mulan's live action . Below you can find the video :

At the beginning of December the trailer finally arrives extended by Mulan !

When does it come out? Mulan's release date and where to watch the live action streaming

But when Mulan's live action comes out ? The release date of the Disney film has a rather troubled history in fact the film has undergone several slips over the years. Initially it had to come out at the end 2018 and later in 2019. In the end it was decided that the film will be released on 27 March 2020 , in the United States . In Italy , however, the release date falls one day before, the 26 March . Moving on to streaming , with the right timing Mulan will be loaded on the platform Disney + , available in Italy from 31 March 2020.


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