Jared Leto joins the Morbius movie The Living Vampire: plot, cast, release date and streaming of the Spider-Man spin off.

The news, released by Sony Pictures , of the project of a new spin off linked to the Spider-Man saga . Let's talk about Morbius The Living Vampire , a title that recalls the homonymous character created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane first appeared in the saga The Amazing Spider-Man , published in '71. Here is everything you need to know about this interesting new project: plot, cast, release date and streaming of the Morbius film with Jared Leto .

What is Morbius the Living Vampire about? Plot and advances

The spin off is part of the project that Sony is developing on different characters of the Spider-Verse , i villain in particular. In this sense we will remember Venom , whose second chapter is coming in 2020, who will see Tom Hardy take on the role of the famous antagonist, and the live action dedicated to the two anti-heroines Silver Sable and Black Cat .

The advances relating to the plot of the Morbius film reveal the creative choice of to remain absolutely faithful to the comic . Micheal Morbius is a scientist with leukemia, who, now on the verge of dying, tries in every way to find a cure for his pathology, helped by friend Emil Nikol . By virtue of these experiments, Morbius you inject a vial of blood of bat : something goes wrong and this entails the metamorphosis of the man who, while remaining alive, takes the form of a fearsome bloodthirsty vampire , endowed with a strength and of an uncontrollable instinct that even lead him to tear the body of his friend and fellow student.

Morbius will be tormented by this new nature, becoming an outcast and living isolated from everyone. We will then see him become a fierce antagonist of Spiderman , as well as of Blade.

Cast, actors and characters

Variety dropped a real bomb : it will be Jared Leto to play the role of Morbius in the movie. According to rumors, the intervention of the director was fundamental in this sense, particularly appreciated by the actor, who met him in Germany last year, on the occasion of a tour date of Thirty Seconds to Mars , band of which the singer and actor is frontman.

The same Leto confirmed his participation in the project, with a decidedly eloquent post on his profile Instagram , which leaves little room for imagination:

This image was followed by a very short video. We know that the multifaceted artist is not new to the world of cinecomic , having played the iconic role of the Joker in Suicide Squad . According to Variety, this commitment to Marvel and Sony Pictures will not interfere with your position in DC . Jared will still be divided between two beautiful fires. At his side in the cast of the film Morbius we will find, then, the following actors with their respective characters :

  • Adria Arjona and Martine Bancroft
  • Matt Smith and Loxias Crown
  • At Madrigal is the agent Rodriguez
  • Charlie Shotwell and Michael as a young man

These are the names reported by IMDb, in which it also fits Jared Harris ( The Crown , Chernobyl , Carnival Row ), whose role, however, has not been revealed.

UPDATE 21 / 01 / 2020 – In many they hypothesized it could be doctor Otto Octavius ​​aka doctor Octopus , but Variety was able to deny this theory by turning the question to the person concerned, at the SAG Awards :

No. I love the imagination that fans have, it's exciting for me to think about it, but no, I'm not him.

In the teaser trailer, which you can see below, also appears Michael Keaton, with his Vulture.

The film Morbius will be directed by Daniel Espinosa, known for the sci-fi thriller Life, while the screenplay is signed by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, an already experienced team that we remember for Lost in Space, one of the latest productions Netflix . To produce what is already expected a great box office success are Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach.


The first teaser trailer of the Morbius movie with Jared Leto was released in mid-January. In the final scene we can also see Michael Keaton , who in the first film of Spider-Man wore the clothes of the Vulture . Enjoy these images accompanied by the notes of Per Elisa!

Morbius the Living Vampire release date: when the Spider-Man spin off film comes out at the cinema and streaming?

In conclusion, when does Spider-Man spin off come out? Currently the film is in post-production phase . Last January, Deadline reported that Sony had set a release date for the Morbius film . The title is expected in American theaters for the 31 July 2020 . Nothing is known regarding Italy and neither of which platform streaming will make the title available, after going to the cinema. We just have to wait for the next updates!


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