Anna and Olaf in a boat in Frozen II

As expected, the long-awaited animated sequel to Disney Frozen II was an immediate success at the box office on its opening weekend. The film by directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck has continued to accumulate numbers in its second year, where it set a box-office record of the Thanksgiving weekend. Well, records generate records and after setting up a new holiday weekend mark, Frozen II has just helped push Disney another record of major ticket sales.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Frozen II The stellar box office has Disney launched over $ 3.2 billion of national ticket sales in the year. That huge figure is a new industry record, eclipsing $ 3 09 disk from 2018 which was also set up by The slate of Disney Juggernaut movies. Having long been on the field, Disney is practically just trying to beat his time at this point.

What is particularly remarkable is that $ 3.2 billion of Mouse House in 2019 does not take into account the box office receipts of the films that Disney has inherited 20 Century Fox when he bought that studio earlier this year. So the sales of movie tickets like Ad Astra and Ford v Ferrari are just the icing on the record cake.

Thanks to the success of Frozen II that drives Disney to $ 3.2 billion in ticket sales, Disney now holds a dominant domestic market share of over 31% until Sunday according to Comscore estimates. Behind Disney there is Warner Bros. with 13% and $ 1.5 billion a year, Universal with 14. 1% and 1.4 billion dollars a year and Sony with 10. 7% and $ 1 billion a year. In fourth and fifth place nationally are Lionsgate, which holds a 6.6% market share and earned $ 678. 1 million tickets sold in 2019 and Paramount, with a market share of 5.4% and $ 557. 6 million so far this year.

From now on, it's Disney and everyone else, and this ticket sales record is just the last record year of the studio. In July, Disney set a ticket sales record for the world with $ 7.6 billion thanks in part to a record $ 5 billion international box office. Once again, records generate and Disney is coming for all of them 2018.

Frozen II will continue to add to Disney 926 total. Following $ 100. 1 million weekend home and $ 123 .7 million, five days of Thanksgiving frame, the animated sequel is located at $ 177 6 million nationwide until last Sunday. With $ 738. 6 million worldwide, Frozen II is running at around $ 1 billion and would be the sixth Disney movie to do so this year, following Captain Marvel , Avengers : Endgame , Aladdin , Toy Story 4 and The Lion King .

And remember, all these records and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has yet to come … and this will probably do quite well.

Frozen II is now playing. Watch our subdivision of the finale and take a look at our 2020 release program to see how next year will try to overcome this .


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