The catalog of Netflix is full of films to see absolutely, works entered in the history of cinema and several worthy titles. Here then, 5 films to see on Netflix

Pulp Fiction (1994)

by Quentin Tarantino

Everything seems to start in a diner: Zucchino and Coniglietta talk about themselves at a table, then basking the dynamics of a robbery, they grab a pistol and put the room to fire and sword. But they don't know that the assassins Jules and Vincent are refreshing themselves in the cafeteria after having started the day badly. Meanwhile, boxer Butch is on the run with his girlfriend, after escaping the wrath of boss Marsellus Wallace.

The Departed – good and evil (2006)

by Martin Scorsese

The protagonists are Colin Sullivan and his alter-ego Billy Costigan. The former was raised by the Irish criminal boss Frank Costello and now that he is one of the best agents of the city police department he passes on essential information. The second is a young recruit who is infiltrated in Costello's band to spy on their movements and trap them. Two moles in opposing alignments that they will have to discover without being discovered, in a complex architecture of parallel destinies that touches the philosophical question of the (subtle and uncertain) distinction between good and evil. To complicate the duel between Sullivan and Costigan there is a woman, the psychologist Madolyn who if she does it a little with one a little with the other. Between moments of suspense, irony and firefights, Martin Scorsese leads a complex plot until the final coup de theater. A moment in which good and evil (perhaps) will meet.

Shutter Island (2010

by Martin Scorsese

We are in 1954, at the height of the Cold War, when local police chief Teddy Daniels and his new partner Chuck Classrooms are summoned to Shutter Island to investigate the unlikely disappearance of a mass murderer who could have escaped from an armored cell in the impenetrable hospital in Ashecliffe. Surrounded by inquisitive psychiatrists and by psychopathic and dangerous patients confined to the remote and windswept island, the two policemen find themselves immersed in an unpredictable atmosphere where nothing is as it appears. With an incoming hurricane, investigations are proceeding quickly: as the storm approaches, suspicions and mysteries multiply and become more and more terrifying and terrifying with the emergence of obscure conspiracies, sordid medical experiments, brainwashing, departments secrets, and a hint of supernatural events. Moving through the shadows of the hospital and haunted by the nefarious companies committed by his elusive tenants and by the obscure programs of brilliant doctors, Teddy begins to realize that the more he goes into the investigation, the more he will be forced to confront some of his fears more deep and devastating. And he will also understand that he risks not leaving the island alive.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

by Dennis Villeneuve

Year 2049. After the events narrated in the first film, the replicants began to rebel and consequently their production stopped. This led to a global crisis, until Niander Wallace and his industries paved the way by producing synthetic crops that were necessary for the survival of mankind and reintroducing replicants into society, after detecting what remained of the Tyrell and started to produce new replicants that are absolutely obedient and do not create problems. Some replicants Nexus rebels are still in circulation, therefore, to avoid new conflicts and riots on their part, the special police body of Blade Runner is kept active, with the aim of “withdrawing” the old models.

Almost friends (2011)

by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano

The plot tells the story of a man who, following a paragliding accident, will be paralyzed entirely with his body, it is a rich aristocrat named Philippe who now needs a person to take care of him constant, that makes him go out and that he consents to his every request. For this role as a caregiver, Driss is a young, dark-skinned Senegalese who has just been released from prison. Despite the fact that Driss seems to be the least suitable person for this task, he will turn out to be a true friend and a trusted person after a series of unforeseen circumstances

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