What does Enemy Lines talk about? Plot and anticipations

In February 2019 Ed Westwick himself announced via Instagram his new film , presenting to his followers the character he would play in Enemy Lines . The project, directed by the Swedish Anders Banke , is set during the Second World War and tells of a true story. The events take place beyond the enemy lines, within the borders of Poland now occupied for three years. We are in fact in 1942 / 1943. The plot of the film Enemy Lines follows the mission of a specialized team of Allied soldiers, sent to Polish land with the task of saving an astrophysicist from the hands of Nazis.

Unfortunately, at the moment we are not in possession of many other anticipations at the level of history. It seems that neither Ed Westick nor the director have issued particular statements about it. All we have in relation to Enemy Lines , excluding one plot initial, are the shots that the protagonist shared on their social networks

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Poland. 1943.

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Cast, actors and characters

As anticipated, the cast of the film Enemy Lines is Ed Westwick , the beloved Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl , of which HBO Max is realizing a sort of sequel . The English actor won the role of Major Kaminski , of which we do not yet know much. The same goes for the others characters , interpreted by the following actors :

  • John Hannah ( The Mummy ) is Colonel Preston
  • Tom Wisdom ( 300 ) is Davidson
  • Corey Johnson ( Captain Phillips ) is General McCloud
  • Pawel Delag ( Schindler's List is Dr. Fabien
  • Vladimir Epifantsev ( Alive ) is Petrov
  • Kiri ll Pletnev ( Viking ) is Bondarenko

Andy Thompson, Tom George and Nadzeya Huselnikava are in charge of the production of the film with Ed Westwick .

Enemy Lines release date: when the film is released and the film is streamed with Ed Westwick?

After this general overview on film with Ed Westwick , what is the date exit of Enemy Lines ? At the moment we still have no answer to the question. We are probably talking about 2020. We only know that at the time of writing we are in action, as the protagonist himself shows with a post on his profile Instagram :

Zero details so far also regarding the possibility then to watch the film Enemy Lines in streaming . Probably, once the period in the theaters ended, Ed Westwick could land on Google Play , Chili and iTunes , where it will be You can rent it or buy it. A valid alternative is represented, otherwise, by TIMVision , which often gives its subscribers new titles after not so much that they went out to the cinema. As soon as we have more precise information, we will update you.

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