No Time To Die Madeleine with a concerned look in front of James

After growing pains, scheduling shifts and some rather unfortunate injuries and accidents affecting the production of No Time to Die , the entry of director Cary Joji Fukunaga into the legendary James Bond series has finally shown the world his first look at his action-packed content. To say that the result was impressive is an understatement, as there are not only some massively satisfying actions, but a new mystery that Daniel Craig's superspy will have to discover. And it's all a secret that Lea Seydoux's Dr. Madeleine Swann may or may not hide from him, which could tie her to the notorious terrorist organization SPECTER.

There's a 90% of probability that there is a great big obscure secret that No Time To Die is in store for Dr. Swann, and considering what was shown above, a theory begins to emerge. Before delving further into this theory, take a look at this morning's trailer for you.

And now, let's talk about what Madeleine Swann could hide in her complicated past:

No Time To Die Madeleine crying over something off screen

Madeleine Swann could be a former / current Operator SPECTRUM

At this time, the great theory seems to be that Madeleine has a hidden bond between herself and the organization that her family has served in the past. As we learned in the previous James Bond film, also called Specter , Swann's father, Mr. White ( Jesper Christensen,) was entrenched in the bad business operations of Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) from his own formative years.

So there is the possibility that Madeleine Swann is either a former or current SPECTRO agent, who could have been on a family business at a young age. It may seem strange, but there are already enough clues to start consolidating this hypothesis comfortably. There is another wilder theory that arises from this hypothesis, but for now we are discussing this more entrenched possibility.

Spectre Madeleine walks through the dining car

Madeleine Swann is already trained for weapons

As discussed in Spectrum , Madeleine Swann has a disgust for the guns. The reason was that once there was an intruder who had tried to kill his father during his childhood, and he didn't hesitate to shoot that dead man in his tracks. This story could play an important role in No Time To Die , as the British publication Express reported that the film formerly known as Bond 25 will have a flashback in this meeting.

Madeleine Swann already knew how to assemble a gun thanks to her childhood with a father employed in the SPECTRUM. So either he taught her these skills to protect her for life or, in a more chilling scenario, there is a chance she could be a child soldier working for Blofeld. That is, until she turned away from that life and became a psychologist. Which makes another interesting point appear.

No Time To Die 007 and Madeleine stopped in the hallway

Swann seems to work for MI6 at the moment worst possible

All the time No Time To Die's trailer, it seems there is an assumption that the relationship between James Bond and Dr. Swann at the end of Specter did not last. Whether it's his insecurities, or a general falling between the two, it seems that the potential secret that Madeleine is hiding has broken their coupling in two. Which makes it even more embarrassing that the two seem to work for MI6 after Bond left the board.

As it happens, Blofeld is in the custody of MI6, and if Swann were to be a hidden SPECTACLE agent, this would be the perfect opportunity to hinder Bond's professional efforts to thwart their organization . Between their failed relationship, and Hannibal Lecter of Blofeld as the captivity that led him to the fold after all, the man we once knew as 007 is in a closer position than it is never was.

No Time To Die Safin with a chilling look

Even the villain of Time To Die could have made part of SPECTER

Thinking back to the assumption that Madeleine Swann's childhood comes across an intruder, if No Time To Die shows us that particular moment, it seems reasonable to suppose that Rami Malek's Safin is really the man who attacked Mr. White and Madeleine Swann all those years ago. The facial scars on both the masked aggressor and Malek's face during the great show reveal that he is chasing someone who is wearing the broken mask that Madeleine tears when he sees.

With a more complete look at that mask shown in No Time To Die trailer, the flashback theory seems to be at stake. In this case, Madeleine and Safin have known each other for a long time, which could confirm that not only Madeleine but also Safin were child soldiers for Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Although there is another possibility that binds both sides to the Blofeld organization that could turn out to be more extravagant than anything we've seen in the recent James Bond film series.

No Time To Die Blofeld taunts James . Bond from his cage

Madeleine Swann and Safin could be the results of a scientific experiment of SPECTRUM

There is an exchange between Safin and Bond that seems to suggest a much darker possibility when it comes to the existence of Il villain of No Time To Die .

Safin: your skills die with your body. Mine will survive long after I am gone.

Link: the story is not kind to men who interpret God.

Starting from this moment, the canon of the James Bond series begins with 2006 Casino Royale seems to be far more entrenched than the more classic adventures. In the past, there have been criminals trying to use genetic engineering / war, the same argument that is said to be at the center of Safin's schemes in No Time To die.

Along with the above dialogue, there is the possibility that Safin is a clone, or at least another variant of a genetically enhanced soldier with whom SPECTER has tinkered. So if Madeleine Swann has ties to this man in her past, it could be because they were competing agents within Blofeld's family of agents.

No Time To Die James Bond on the verge of tears

Because the secret of Madeleine Swann could prove fatal for James Bond

A last note should be mentioned when it comes to Madeleine Swann's great secret in No Time to Die . No matter what this hidden truth, it seems to be something so horrible, it will ruin James Bond; perhaps it even pushes him on the road to further and fatal damage. Blofeld tells him, when he says the following line in the trailer:

When his secret finds its way out, it will be your death.

It may not be a literal death, but rather a metaphorical and even emotional one. If Swann's secret was confirmed as being related to SPECTRUM, it would surely remember the time when Vesper Lynd sneaked under Bond's radar, and eventually killed himself as a twisted act of expiation. We all know how this has affected Bond's psyche, so there's a potential for James to become more reckless and even more cruel in his operations. It means that the film was intended to encompass the mandate of Daniel Craig because the legendary British agent could end up losing his life; freeing the next participant to start his own chain of adventures in the future of the famous franchise.

Of course, all this discussion on No Time to Die is based on the first trailer we saw for the film, and a lot can change between now and April of the movie 2020 release window. But it seems that this new adventure in the James Bond series is a more personal affair, with Madeleine Swann sitting in the middle of the proceedings, hiding something that could upset the man himself.

No Time to Die reveals all its secrets the April 8 2020. If you want to increase competition for the dollar at the box office that weekend, take a look at our 2020 release program and see who else is in search of glory.


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