What is Blade talking about? Plot and anticipations of the MCU film

Among the films announced during the panel of the Marvel Studios of San Diego Comic Con a film was also revealed about a character Marvel already seen on the big screen: Blade . To lend his face to the hero will be Mahershala Ali , winner of the Oscar in the category of Best Supporting Actor thanks to Green Book. Although the name of the director of the film of the MCU , Davide Leitch, who directed Hobbs & Shaw, told Screen Rant to be interested in project.

Blade will be the third live-action version of the character, after the interpretation of Wesley Snipes in the film trilogy 1998 – 2004 and Sticky Fingaz in the TV series of the same name 2006.

What does Blade talk about ? Unfortunately anticipations on the plot of the film are currently non-existent. In fact we only know that it will be a film belonging to phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The main character is Blade , pseudonym of Eric Brooks , or a vigilante hunting for vampires.

Mahershala Ali is Blade: cast, actors and characters

For the moment the only name of the cast revealed by Marvel Studios is that of actor Mahershala Ali , which will be just Eric Brooks / Blad e. Before him the Studios had mentioned the return of Wesley Snipes in the role, after interpreting the character in the film trilogy. Although there was no continuity between the films, Snipes was the first name, even though the actor approved the choice of Ali

Mahershala Ali was chosen as Blade after calling Marvel Studios to propose them to play the role with a personal touch. The actor also played Cottonmouth in the first season of Luke Cage , the original Netflix series

There is no other information about the inclusion of characters from the comic or from the castings of other members of cast .

Video trailer

At the moment it is too early to see a trailer official Blade . As soon as the video will be released we will update this dedicated section

When does Blade come out? Exit date

During the Comic Con in San Diego 2019, the entire phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been revealed. However Kevin Feige also wanted to reveal some other gem, like the return of Black Panther e Captain Marvel with a second standalone film, and the introduction of a storyline dedicated to Blade .

Knowing with certainty that Blade , as probably Ant-Man 3 , Spider-Man 3 , the new Fantastic 4 is Guardians of the Galaxy 3 , will be part of the future phase 5 of the MCU , it is difficult to establish with certainty a release date . The Disney calendar runs until 2027 and occupied seats go up to 2021, with the addition of Black Panther 2 , arriving in 2022. For this we can suppose that the film Blade of the MCU will arrive in cinemas around the world between 2022 and the 2023 .

Where to see Blade streaming? On Disney

There are no longer any doubts regarding where to see the film Blade in streaming after his exit to the cinema. Indeed Disney , in November 2019, will launch its streaming platform , and surely Blade will be among the titles of the catalog of Disney in the future .

The service streaming will include all the titles of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , arriving in the months following the debut. Probably the film will arrive a few months after its release in the cinema, still unknown, or in the same period as the release of the version home video .

If you were to type on Google Blade streaming ita , we will not have to search for a long time to find a site streaming : the the only legal option will be the website Disney . In Italy , the service streaming should arrive by the end 2020 , so in theory before the film's release in the cinema

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