What does a Safari for Christmas movies Netflix talk about? Netflix movie plot

It is again that time of the year when the streaming giant introduces us to force into the Christmas atmosphere, releasing the first information on the new thematic contents that it intends to make available for the holidays. The season opens with the Netflix movie A Safari for Christmas , in original Holiday in the Wild , whose first details of plot were reported by the service's affiliated account, See What's Next . From this preliminary information we learn that the story concerns a newly separated woman from New York who decides to leave for Africa. Reached Zambia, he began working in a protected reserve for elephants, while slowly trying to rediscover itself

Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe star in “Holiday in the Wild,” a touching new film about a divorcée who embarks on a safari in Zambia where she rediscovers herself while working at a local elephant sanctuary – FIRST LOOK: pic.twitter.com/zkXMUfhIgP

– See What's Next (@seewhatsnext) October 15, 2019

Obviously, love will soon come knocking on his door, with the appearance of a fascinating pilot. The plot complete film Netflix A Safari for Christmas , reported from Entertainment Weekly , reads:

With the intention of keeping the mood high when the children leave for college, Kate Conrad has booked a second honeymoon with her husband. Instead of thanking her, the man suddenly decides to end their marriage. Kate chooses to leave the same for a safari in Africa, even if alone. During a detour in Zambia, he helps pilot Derek Holliston rescue a small orphaned baby elephant. Carried into a reserve, they take care of it and put it back together. At that point Kate decides to extend her stay until Christmas. Far from the modern comforts of home, the woman enjoys life among animals and majestic scenery. The love for the place could also extend to the man who shared that journey with her.

Cast, actors and characters of Holiday in the Wild

The cast of the movie Netflix A Safari for Christmas is led by two actors well known. This is Kristin Davis , historical Charlotte di Sex and the City , and Rob Lowe , soon star of a new Fox TV series, 9- 1-1: Lone Star . La Davis interprets Kate Conrad , ready to start a new chapter of his life, now that his children are great and above all that her husband left her without any warning. Lowe won the role of Derek Holliston , fascinating pilot with whom Kate will live a fantastic adventure in Africa. Alongside them in the cast of the film Netflix Holiday in the Wild , we find the following actors with the respective characters :

  • Stevel Marc is John
  • Colin Moss is Drew Conrad
  • Thandi Puren is Trish
  • Lynita Crofford is Mrs. Burns
  • John Owen Lowe

A Safari for Christmas trailer

While waiting for Netflix to release the trailer , here is a first look at film , thanks to a general video with all the theme content Christmas arriving on the platform:

In the end, the streaming giant didn't wait too long. The trailer of the film was in fact released a day after the announcement of the debut:

A Safari for Christmas movies when it is streamed on Netflix : exit date

In conclusion, when the Netflix movie A Safari for Christmas is released? Fortunately, we already have an answer to this question. In mid-October, the streaming giant released the titles of their own Christmas-themed content with the date of exit for each. The film's debut with Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis is scheduled for the November 1 . Turning to the possibility of using the film online, being an original content of Netflix , those interested will be able to see A Safari for Christmas in streaming without particular difficulties. It will be sufficient to avail, if you do not already have it, of a subscription to the service. Unfortunately Netflix has again removed the free trial period, at least for the moment. Consequently, to see the title you will have to subscribe to one of the plans that the platform foresees.

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