Since its announcement , Call of Duty: WWII has attracted the attention both of the enthusiasts of the famous Activision fps and of the less hardened players , attracted by the historical setting of undoubted charm or the Second World War.

A few days after the release, we can trace an analysis of what Sledgehammer has given us, with the aim of highlighting the merits of this title .

N.B. This article is not a review point by point ( here you can find our ), but an article of analysis and opinion. I also advise you of the presence of some spoilers relating to the plot of the singeplayer campaign.


The Call of Duty: WWII campaign takes us to the final part of the Second World War, starting from the Landing in Normandy in June 1944 until the invasion of Germany with the consequent end of the Third Reich in '45.

As you can see, everything takes place on the Western Front seen and lurked in other titles so, from this point of view, it does not appear any news worthy of note . The missions continue smoothly, without particular falls or peaks, with a couple of interludes in which we will be called to drive / pilot some vehicles, varying the gameplay a minimum. The finale deserves a mention as it deals with the always difficult theme of concentration camps

The atmosphere of the second world war is rendered rather well, element that embellishes the campaign and characteristic that I appreciated more playing the various chapter of the campaign

The Call of Duty style is noticeable often: you shoot a lot, you face enemies in clear superiority by mowing crooks in gogò, all with a some “American ” worthy of a film with Bruce Willis.

The characters are globally well outlined , I stress outlined in-depth, albeit less interesting than some big names in the Call of Duty franchise (Mason of Black Ops rather than Price of the Modern Warfare series to do some example).

In summary, is the WWII campaign a good campaign? The answer is yes , it is a good fps campaign released in 2017, in a context in which the single player leaves more space for multiplayer, especially in this type of video game.


Premise: I am not a “pro player” of Call of Duty, a game to have fun without excessive claims of accrual and skill

This Call of Duty, can satisfy even those who, like me, do not seek an exclusively competitive title ; the gameplay, always rather frantic but not too fast, is pleasant and in line with the standards of the series (before the science fiction drift).

The new War mode adds a touch of historicity, given that it simulates some famous operations of the western war theater, guaranteeing a little variety compared to the usual Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag etc.

One of the great innovations of Call of Duty: WWII is the introduction of the social area (a large camp on the beaches of Normandy) where you can meet other players, your teammates, pick up sizes and test weapons at the shooting range. Everything appears well structured, but at the moment it often lies empty since practically nobody is encountered

In addition to the social area, we see the arrival of a drop system – now present in almost all titles – represented by chests through which we can obtain camouflage, uniforms, XP upgrades etc.

In short, even the multiplayer is enjoyable (yes the lag is there and annoying) , all accompanied by some interesting elements of novelty that position this Call of Duty in the false sense of video games current.


Zombies are now an integral part of the Call of Duty series, an inevitable addition to the gaming offer dedicated to cooperative PvE enthusiasts

In WWII the Nazi Zombies do not disappoint, on the contrary they represent a point of strength that lets go of some ideas that are just a few of the recent past.

The atmosphere of distorted and Gothic Frankenstein-style technological horror permeates the Nazi Zombie, without excessive mystical visions and magical-style rituals; this element brings to mind the zombie modes of the “old” Call of Duty

As usual, the protagonists of the zombie section have the face of more or less famous actors, in this case we can appreciate the presence of faces known as David Tennant (Doctor Who and Jessica Jones), from Elodie Yung (Daredevil and The Defenders) and Katheryn Winnick (Vikings).

The presence of real “super / ultimate” and of various abilities allows, moreover, to vary the approach of the gameplay, trying to build more tactical teams to be able to easily counteract the waves of undead (or rather dead undead ).

Personally, I believe that Zombie Nazis is a successful way, an apt activity built on the foundations that have satisfied millions of players in the past.

P.S. If you want to play locally / split-screen you can do it with a friend.

Call of Duty WWII


So, let's recover the question with which we opened: what did Sledgehammer hand over to us? He gave us a Call of Duty that returns to the past , both as the setting – requests from the public were answered – both as an approach to gameplay itself (the many hated jetpacks and superskates were obviously archived).

Players brought up with Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2-3 and World at War 1-2 will be able to feel “at home” again, no longer having to control futuristic soldiers with high-tech gadgets and advanced armor.

The same goes for Zombie Nazis, which brings us back to a less fantastic and darker style.

Call of Duty WWII can be summed up with an expression of American military jargon: boots on the ground, phrase used when infantry is deployed in some war scenario. Call of Duty WII has feet, or rather amphibians, on the ground, is a solid title that marks a change of course in the management of the franchise.

Will Activison continue on this path in the future? It is very probable

Have you been satisfied with this title? What did not convince you? Continuing to follow us on 17 for news, reviews and insights.


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