When you are preparing to write the texts that you want to be read by as many people as possible, it should be a good idea to write them in such a way that the use of them is not too complex, in order to avoid making your own thoughts and their expression by means of the written medium too thoughtful and, therefore, complex to follow, but bizarre individuals such as myself exist who claim aloud the full right to write their own texts also using obsolete terms such as “ obsolete “and a little more complex syntactic-grammatical structures to express not only what they think, but also, and perhaps above all, in the way they consider most appropriate, since, if it is true that it is our precise task, as editors who turn to an audience of enthusiasts like us, to provide information as correct and accurate as possible to the users for whom we write, it is also true that, at least to my modest av face, there is absolutely nothing wrong with categorically refusing to conform to a style of writing that risks flattening the texts produced by anyone , which, in his time, therefore, could make it very difficult to recognize the hand of an author compared to that of another, and this is reflected not only in the desire, for example, not to compose periods with a very simple structure, short and more or less devoid of dependent sentences , but also in a slightly more refined lexical choice, even if this means seeing the word β€œ also ” highlighted as if this were incorrect by an automatic corrector that simply and evidently is not characterized by a very well-stocked vocabulary, since it is also through the use of words and constructs that are placed, in a more or less clear and marked way, outside the most commonly accepted and adopted schemes that we can feel truly free to express imere our ideas in our style, without constraints whatsoever, even if the price to pay could be to be told more or less by anyone that we should change, that we should be homologated to the mass, that we should not defend by sword deals with our individualism , our unique and unrepeatable personality and our right to write what we want in the way we want, of course, however, and this is always worth remembering, always placing the absolute prohibition on going down to the low and low levels of insult, and finally resign ourselves to the idea that we are destined to be trapped in schemes that limit our freedom of expression, and I would also add that it is in my opinion more than clear that each of we should be free to choose our own way, in one way or another, without fear of anyone's judgment , without being intimidated, without overlapping the vision that others p they can have of us what is our perception of ourselves and of our skills in the drafting of the texts we love to produce, without feeling guilty if we think, act and write, not caring about the conventions most commonly widely accepted, because if the price that I should pay to achieve “ success ” must be giving up my principles, my ideas, my personality, my stylistic code that makes me what I am, then I prefer to far to remain relegated forever to anonymity, although I realize that this may be a rather uncommon speech, even more so if done by someone who, like me, writes on the net for magazines specializing in certain sectors of entertainment and that, therefore, should in reality pursue the notoriety, or the exact opposite of anonymity, as the ultimate goal and end of its work, but this is certainly not the first time that on these pages I show my personal vision of the world of printing, and if you want to have further proof and get a slightly broader idea, then you can also take a look at this article of mine, because I will also be an outsider, even if as far as I'm concerned, I may also be the only person in the world to think of it in a certain way, which is also a bit the fear expressed by the immense Trent Reznor in the passage of his Nine Inch Nails, which I love to mention often , entitled “ I Do Not Want This “, present in the album dated 1994 ” The Downward Spiral β€œ, but at least I am a coherent person, also because of the fact that I chose, in a sort of meta-text, to write an editorial in which I claim my right , and that of anyone else, like me, who wishes to do so, to write using long, convoluted and complex periods, despite being reproached by me since high school, through the co construction of a single period completely devoid of strong punctuation marks, except of course the point to conclude it definitively, or this.

This article has sent even Linguo, the grammatical robot created by Lisa Simpson, is on tilt.


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