Today, a huge update arrives for World of Warships: Legends which brings with it a new campaign centered on a mighty premium ship Players will also witness the launch of the French battleships , changes will be made to the commanders' system and the rescue of Transylvania will be started .

It will be possible to try the hunting campaign at the Atago to grab the famous heavy cruiser. It is a premium level VII Japanese ship that has everything it takes to prove decisive in any type of battle: powerful weapons, devastating torpedoes, a speed and a robust armor that allow it to get by in any circumstance and an extraordinary team repair. To be able to conquer the Atago, players will need Admiralty support, which will quadruple the value of the rewards obtained during the campaign. The hunt for the Atago has been redesigned to provide more attractive rewards, so as to make progression more interesting.

Here's the trailer.

In addition, the early access phase for the French battleships that now enter the scene definitively has ended. These are beasts characterized by peculiar characteristics. For example, they are often equipped with smaller weapons than vehicles of the same type.

However, this does not imply that their firepower is inferior: level VI Lyon is equipped with devastating caliber cannons 16 set up in special turrets of four! They are very versatile battleships, which combine speed and armaments to be extremely effective in the open sea.

Players will be able to find the commanders to whom they can entrust their ships more easily! The Commander packages will always provide a new commander to the players, unless they already have them all. This variation wants to reduce the random component of the acquisition of these leaders, which makes it easier to get the perfect captain for the new French Battleships. The commanders will also make their appearance in the shop, so that the players can buy them in exchange for a commanding experience.

World of Warships: Legends' first ever PvE operation, the Transylvania bailout, is almost upon us. The will start 26 October , when players will find three characteristic ships in port: Jackal, Blade and Igor. These ships can only be used during this operation, which will lead them to confront Rasputin. Players will have to venture into hostile waters and face Zikasa ships, catapults and the fearsome Rasputin. They will also have the task of protecting Transylvania from the numerous waves of enemies that will attack relentlessly. And waiting for the players to complete the operation, there will be rich rewards.

But this update does not only bring with it new potentially scary campaigns and operations: we will also offer the first premium ship available for a global experience, Alabama! This level VII American battleship is a monster capable of resisting the most powerful attacks. The Alabama can be obtained by any player and provides the same bonuses guaranteed by a premium level VII vessel. Several improvements have also been introduced to optimize the player's experience: game notifications, more detailed economic statistics at the end of the battles, descriptions of the characteristics of the various ships and correction of a series of bugs

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