Let's examine some of the reasons why the first PlayStation was the key for millions of fans.

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In 1994 The video game industry suffered a real earthquake with the arrival of Sony as Producer and developer. What at the time seemed a struggle to decide only between Nintendo and SEGA, had almost unexpectedly a new protagonist . The launch of the first PlayStation has completely changed the landscape of electronic leisure for both professionals and amateurs.

The first PlayStation was a third option for players, with innovative video games that they were committed to 3D and a more mature profile . A piece of 12 bits without which today it is impossible to understand video games.

Every player who has the original PlayStation controller in his hands will have his reasons, to be his first console or platform in which he enjoyed his favorite games. But upon completion 25 years of its launch , it is indisputable that The first PlayStation is unforgettable and these are some of the reasons.


Your price in the United States ” ” . It was enough for Sony to say that figure during E3 of 1995 to attract the attention of Western fans, who could not wait to enjoy titles such as Battle Arena Toshinden, Warhawk and Ridge Racer.


Dual Analog Controller The 4-button control barrier had already been overcome a long time ago, but its design with a modern cane next to the classic crossbar, was a pioneer in the field and a new standard that has been maintained until today.


Metal Gear Solid, Ridge Racer, Crash Bandicoot … The first titles that accompanying Aron on this console has really shown a leap not only in technical quality, but also in its approach, setting the drift of the sector towards electronic entertainment and not as toys.


Demo 1 Abe's Oddysee, Kurushi, Adidas Power Football … Also the T -Rex! Many fans will find it impossible to calculate the hours spent enjoying this promotional album dazzled by the console's possibilities.


The buttons Triangle, square, cross and circle. Where are the letters and numbers? The front buttons of the command ended up becoming icons of the brand, but at the time they were an eccentric novelty.


The cinemas of Final Fantasy Whenever Final Fantasy offered a Kinematics that we could not help but be amazed. The exhibition of the imagination and the epic was comparable only to the quality of the animation made by Square-Enix.


The meeting places for playing Tekken Tekken was almost an Annual appointment for checking who was the best player, it didn't matter if your best friend only knew how to beat the buttons or that your little brother repeatedly performed Hwarang's triple kick.


The Tetris of the memory card Install a new game, when your memory card starts to lose space, it was often a game in itself, where you should calculate how many spaces each title has occupied and decide which one to sacrifice.

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