This diorama specialist achieves a finish so good that his work resembles official products.

When even a video game fan turns out to be a person, a creative and skillful job can only be expected as much as these miniatures of Kanto's three initial Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle .

The three small figures are in resin and painted with an airbrush , with a final finish that looks like an official product. But these three small pokémon are not the only works dedicated to video games made by Mianfero Dioramas . In their social networks we can also find a diorama dedicated to Metal Gear Solid or a life-size replica of the Master Sword saga of The Legend of Zelda with its included pedestal.

If you are a fan and collector of this series of games, you will surely be surprised also by these carved wooden pokémon figures.

Other information on: Pokémon and Fanart.


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