Most parents believe that this practice improves the relationship between parents and children.

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Los videojuegos son ya la quinta actividad familiar favorita de los españoles según un estudio de Xbox

From Microsoft has released an interesting study that places the practice of video games as a family in at least three houses out of four Spanish. In fact, this practice of leisure is already the fifth preferred option of fun among the interviewees, overcoming board games or eating out.

In particular, explain responsible for Xbox One , families get together to play nine times per month, a figure well above for example, going to the cinema (twice a month), playing the aforementioned board games (five times) or going to a restaurant (four times). Over video games, watching television, taking a walk, reading bedtime stories or going to the park to play is still there. Compared to other European countries (France, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany), The Spaniards are those who play more in the family , even if Italians do it more frequently.

The study also provides other interesting data. In this sense it is said that the 77% of parents believe that this recreational activity Strengthen the relationship with your children . Furthermore, two thirds (66%) agree that playing with their children helps them feel more in tune with popular culture. Finally, one 82% claims to know which titles the offspring has access to and a 42% has established purchase restrictions.

Opinium was the company responsible for preparing this report with a sample in October of over

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