After the contribution of SEGA, also Square Enix helps to enrich the launch line-up of Apple Arcade with Various Daylife, a new simulation rpg that will enrich the Apple subscription service catalog, available at 4, 99 euros per month. Users can have unlimited access to a catalog of over 100 new exclusive games on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV

The new rpg by Square Enix will transport players to the mysterious continent of Antoecia, where they will have to join fellow travelers to explore the land in order to develop and expand their own settlement

Here the launch trailer. Good vision.


Developed by successful rpg creators like Octopath Traveler ( here our review) and Bravery Default, Various Daylife puts the player in the shoes of a settler with the task of exploring a newly discovered continent. Users they will embark on expeditions with computer-controlled allies to discover the secrets of the earth and collect valuable rewards, but they will have to devise strategies carefully, since they will be able to carry only a limited number of objects while traveling outside the city walls

Outside of it there will be an unexplored and dangerous area where it will be necessary to fight with hostile beast-men, challenge the elements and much more. By obtaining materials through expeditions, players will be able to upgrade and expand their settlement, giving them access to characters, new storyline elements, and more.

The new title of Square Enix will continue the tradition inaugurated with Octopath Traveler and Bravery Default through its exclusive combat system. Players will be able to take advantage of the “three chas” to inflict massive damage on enemies, “Change” to inflict state effects; “Chain” to be able to collaborate with allies by linking different effects to each other; “Chance” to give a devastating final blow.

Furthermore, there will be over twenty occupations among which players will be able to choose, including the pillars of role-playing games such as Warrior and Cleric and original trades such as Politico and Server, which will be achieved by continuing in the game's plot. Players will be able to increase their parameters and skills in each trade by completing them further 100 various work activities. Through this system, it will be possible to develop and personalize your characters to adapt them to the desired style of play.

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