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There is an exceptional harvest of titles coming to Xbox One and PC Game Pass this month



PES 2020! My friend Pedro! Pathological 2!

Microsoft, perhaps in the grip of a sudden festive joy, has unveiled an exceptional selection of titles coming to Game Pass on Xbox One and PC this month, including PES 2020, The Division, My Friend Pedro ballistic shooter and Pathologic 2 horror plague punishment.

Starting from Xbox One (since Microsoft has not yet provided the dates for everything that happens on PC), things will begin tomorrow, December 5, with the anime fighter Naruto a Boruto: Shinobi Striker. This is joined by the aforementioned My Friend Pedro, in which a man embarks on a side-scrolling fury at the behest of a talking banana.

A day later, on December 6th, Xbox One Game Pass receives the seemingly well-received (at least according to its first reviews of access on Steam) Demon's Tilt, which seems to be a hidden-theme pinball with a shot chaotic- twist. The fascinating musical platformer Wandersong, in which a lively bard attempts to counter the apocalypse, arrives the same day.


To complete the additions of the Xbox One Game Pass currently announced of the month on 12 December are Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, the multiplayer shooter The Division and the exhilarating cooperative cooperative caper Overcooked 2. Also in that list is the fascinating Ice-Pick Lodge developer plague horror Pathologic 2 – a game as intentionally daunting as it is terribly mesmerizing and one of the most haunting things I've played all year.


Regarding the next batch of Game Pass offers on PC, I can tell you which ones they are , but not entirely when they will be. My friend Pedro, Demon's Tilt and Pathologic 2 are joined by the fantasy strategy game 4X Age of Wonders: Planetfall, builder of the Europa Universalis 4 empire, Farming Simulator 17, Metro: Last Light Redux, Human: Faeria Fall Flat and card game.

It is hoped that Microsoft will pull out its calendar and will soon be filling out some dates for that lot.


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