The Warden's Edition has been expanded next month.

Prison architect construction and management sim Prison Architect is finally bringing his previously exclusive Psych Ward DLC to PC and Mac consoles next month, on 21 November, in the form of the enhanced Psych Ward: Warden's Edition.

Psych Ward, created by developer Double Eleven (the studio responsible for porting Prison Architect on consoles), initially launched for Xbox One and PS4 in June 2017.

As you can imagine, Psych Ward expands the main game by introducing new themed management options around the concept of successfully hosting criminal criminals. The new Warden's Edition also introduces a series of functions not present in the original DLC.

The core of the expansion is based on a new “criminally crazy” category for prisoners, with prisoners entering your facilities with the tract already in place or acquiring it through punishment or excessive repression.

In any case, interested prisoners can be accommodated together with other prisoners or in special cells, and must be managed by trained Ordinate. In addition, the expansion introduces psychiatrists to manage problematic prisoners through new consultation programs, which can be made more effective by updating their psychiatrist's office.

Elsewhere, expansion brings new behaviors in detention – with innocent prisoners who potentially turn violent or who try to escape if untreated – as well as new types of smuggling, including adrenaline shots, fountain stems and pocket watches gold. The Warden's Edition also features objects similar to new objects, types of floors and walls – including floors and padded cells – that can be used to further customize the prisons.

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