Donnerlab, an online gaming platform that develops lightning games and applications, allows passionate players to hunt Bitcoin (BTC) and decide “Satoshi cubes.”

Shoot other players and earn satoshi

In a November tweet 19, Donnerlab presented the origin of his most modern project, entitled Bitcoin Bounty Hunt, a fully native multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game. The Lightning community is a debit protocol that allows rapid micropayments between two so-called nodes – in this case, avid players.

Donnerlabs develops not just based essentially on twenty-5- Konstantin Slash, extinct for a year, after 2018 Lightning Hackday at Munich, Germany, as an ability to introduce the largest cryptocurrency of the environment to extra people.

The FPS game works with a portfolio of embedded neutrinos, the allocation of avid players can store money in a non-foster fashion, an advertisement for Hodl auctions and, of course, the ability to smash other players with in sight of a reward.

Adoption of bitcoins through games

In October, Satoshis Games, Bitcoin-enabled game startups, introduced the fashion of a Fortnite-estimated game with integrated Lightning. Network microtransactions, called Lightnite, assign interactions between players ranging from a financial prize or a penalty for the user. Satoshis Games recognized the moment:

“In simple terms, players originate Bitcoins by shooting at other players and lose Bitcoins when they get the shot.”

Reportedly, the game updates at the right time when the player damages another player, breaks or picks up a BTC worth of goods and allows greedy players to currently withdraw their stability through Lightning Network when they want to create it .

“The Lightning community will bring Bitcoin to $ 250, 000 “

In November, the legitimate cryptocurrency firm capitalist Tim Draper acknowledged that improvements related to the Lightning community could probably be the key in propelling Bitcoins need to be more aware. Draper believes that Bitcoin would probably have reached $ 250, 000 of 2022 o 2023, in the middle because of the “Bitcoin charge processors”, which “are really going to open the doors.” He acknowledged:

“It is due to Lightning Network and OpenNode and perhaps to others that probably could very well allow us to spend Bitcoins very freely and quickly, so that it is not nice a store of value however it should also be fragile for micropayments; it should also be fragile for retail, it should also be fragile in all places. “


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