The Game Awards gala could be the space indicated to present the next bat game.

By Mario Gómez / 5 comments

Batman (2019)

If you think about big video game events where you see new ads, you probably go to E3 or GamesCom; but in recent years The Game Awards has become a very important scenario, and could be the place just to see for the first time the new and mysterious game of Batman that fans follow him for months.

The latest suspicions come from the SLCMOF YouTube channel, indicating that the source is “the same subject as me

The truth is that whatever the rumors say, the same Warner Bros. Montreal began to leave clues about a new Batman in the nets. Some months have passed since then and in the process we have seen collaborations with Fortnite and all kinds of suspicious movements that invite us to think that the announcement is around the corner. We will leave doubts on 12 December.

Further information on: Warner Bros and Batman.


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