After being delayed for Xbox One and PS4, Apex Legends Change 3.2 now resides on all platforms. The update is mountainous, each based on the size of the data and the end-of-life adjustments it implements.

The predominant part of the update are the adaptations to the in-game progression. For the first time since it started, the maximum level of the game has been increased, passing from 100 to 500. The precious XP to succeed on stage 100 has also been reduced. During leveling, there are extra alternatives to produce Apex packages. The meaty distribution is below: all prizes are retroactive, so you will automatically produce 14 Apex packages in case you are already on stage 100 . Now you can also produce a brand new gun charm every 100 phases of the player.

To celebrate the launch of #JediFallenOrder, we are releasing the BPD-Pathfinder skin inspired by BD-1. To assume the skin, log in to Apex Legends from 3 to 3 January 14.

Again congratulations to the Jedi crew right here in Respawn! ❤

– Apex Legends (@PlayApex) December 5 2019

New development system for Apex Legends

  • Level 2 – 20: one package per phase
  • Level 22 – 300: a package every two phases
  • Level 305 – 500: A package every 5 phases

Extra essential adjustments are found in all end-of-life adjustments. The update adds a quick button to assassinate a finisher in the middle of the animation, allowing you to return directly to the fight in the event of an ambush. The legendary payment of armor spawns has also been reduced, so it is less doubtful that you will prefer to worry about working in teams equipped exclusively with gold shields on the body at the end of a game.

Game modification changes have also been made to the knockdown shields and Wattson's final ability, Interception Pylon. General and rare knockdown shields are considerably stronger now. Wattson's new interception pylon is now extremely efficient in blocking an area and allowing his team to start an offensive in opposition to enemy teams – because now it intercepts grenades and explosives that are thrown in, now not out.

Also, there may now be the possibility to activate or deactivate the formula to automatically exit the demolition boxes when an enemy crew shoots you. In addition, the areas of the final circle have been changed in the development chronicle even taking half of the fields at the end of a match, as effective as a greater diversity of premises due to clashes in the final circle. The overall shadow of helmets and armor has also been modified to be easier to discern for gamblers with color blindness.

Amendment 3.2 also implements dozens of computer virus fixes, listed below. In addition, it is presumably possible to obtain them – effectively as an additional ingredient for all the above adjustments – in the fleshy notes of the update.

Apex Legends Change 3.2 Corrections of malicious programs

  • Mounted computer virus in which various greedy players would seem to be in the lower Sinful (for example, if it was said to Apex Predator but they appeared Bronze IV)
  • Bunch of computer virus fixes to World's Edge linked to collision, geometry, supply of containers that are generated in executable areas and conditions in which the loot could not be collected in light areas near Geyser.
  • Computer virus mounted where the Respawn Dropship would sometimes be silent upon arrival.
  • Mounted computer virus in which Bangalore would refer to the Skullpiecer hop-up during the ping of a Wingman.
  • Difficulty set in which the player's banner would appear out of the heart in the monitors of the team summary / elimination match.
  • Mounted a visual computer virus in which the Shield Cells and Phoenix Kits progress bars seemed desaturated and laborious to learn.
  • Mounted computer virus in which greedy players were ready to resuscitate in light areas.
  • Computer virus mounted for rare conditions in which a player was unable to revive a teammate while outside the ring the Ring .
  • Computer-mounted virus in which the visible FX for knockdown protection would remain visible after being destroyed by an enemy.
  • Computer virus mounted in which the EVA-8 Auto Shotgun Double Tap hop-up equipment would take care of removing the chimney payment expand from the whip with a rifle.
  • Mounted computer virus in which some legends would have transmitted erroneous sound effects “skill not ready now” when they tried to activate an ability that was just silenced at recovery time.
  • Mounted a visual computer virus where every once in a while a fairy tale begins to use a shield cell makes it appear that its weapon seems to float briefly before the arm.
  • Computer virus mounted in which from time to time the Educate's main car broke away from the reduction of the Educate after a player stopped, after which he begins to wait.
  • Computer virus mounted for conditions where avid gamers could very well be crushed by the Educate while they were near the front car waiting .
  • Mounted computer virus in which the faces of Fable would seem distorted in the third person for the interval of attacks and while procuring inventory.
  • Disorders mounted with corrupt graphics and body falls that we discovered had been linked to detonating devices in light areas that inflicted objects to trigger executable pixels .
  • Computer virus mounted for the conditions in which flying the Crypto Drone near the Educate can cause Crypto to pass through without entering the player .
  • A computer virus was mounted in which Crypto's tactical hud seemed to estimate that as soon as he was captured he recharged until he was historian.
  • Mounted a computer virus due to the conditions in which a deathbox was now practically not for leisure on the stairs and the avid players had not been in able to retrieve the player's Banner Banner.


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