The update is available on PC.

Apex Legends

Through the official Twitter game account, Respawn Entertainment announced that the planned progress patch for Apex Legends yesterday was delayed due to an unexpected event; however, the update reached the computer, where it caused performance problems. Until the time I wrote this news, there was no new deadline for his console release, although a couple of hours ago they distributed an additional patch to fix problems on the computer.

The update will increase the level limit In general terms, the update will increase the limit of level of 100 a 500, with a 5% reduction on the experience required to reach the level 100, in order to standardize the experience increases in level. Players can get 199 Apex level packages 500, when before the number 45, and each time they will also receive an amulet for weapons 100 Levels of the player with the inclusion of 36 new models.

On the other hand, Respawn will bring 9 improvements in the quality of the user experience; 19 Bug fixes; friendly fire has been added to the practice mode on the shooting range; and will continue to make changes to the Peacekeeper's power.

Apex Legends took the category by surprise battle royale

this year and is a priority for Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, with a medium-term programmed mobile version.

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