Masahiro Sakurai dedicated some words to the new creation of Hideo Kojima in his weekly column.

Death Stranding

Masahiro Sakurai used his weekly column at Famitsu to talk about the last video game he played: that of his partner Hideo Kojima , Death Stranding. There, according to the translation by DualShockers, he did not hesitate to flatter the work of Kojima Productions , ensuring that “few games succeed to be “so original and interesting”, despite being a game “not suitable for all players”.

What Sakurai recognizes is that at his commands he “lost track of time”, and wanted to highlight the “mix of history and playability” in a game in which the player has “so much to contribute to the level of interaction “. He faced a couple of details in Death Stranding: it's difficult and demanding control , the user interface confused and the small font size of the text.

Sakurai finished his column by recognizing The talent of Hideo Kojima for creating such a title in such little time and being able to bring players into a world that many did not expect to explore at the controls of a console. The game is wearable on PS4 for weeks, don't miss the analysis of death stranding to know what the creator of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate liked so much.

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