It comes through a press release that Apt Games will launch its “score attack” arcade synth Terror Squid on Nintendo Switch and Steam from this spring.

Terror Squid an arcade game as simple to understand as difficult to master, in which every enemy projectile is actually thrown by yourself. Set in a world now doomed, you are a cosmic chaotic entity that revolves around the planets, throwing dangerous bullets of all kinds. But the planets are round and first everything goes back, that's why your ink projectiles will travel the globe going to create your apocalypse. Eliminate the classic conventions of limited and choreographed schemes, putting yourself in the shoes of your worst enemy instead. Think quickly and strategically as you move through a hell of bullets that you yourself have created!

Your goal is to survive for as long as possible without getting hit by any of your bullets. Survive long enough and you can release a kind of primordial dark energy discharge, thus exploding your bullets in some extraordinary chain reactions.

Inspired by the Super Stardust spherical maps and the brief but intense action of Devil Daggers, Terror Squid is an infinitely compelling test of strategy and reflexes . Only the best players will survive even for a minute in this unhealthy vector graphics apocalypse. Destroy the worlds, climb the leaderboards and become one with the void in Terror Squid.

Terror Squid is the first arcade game developed in Norway . After winning the first prize in the Norwegian Gameplay Championships , the Norwegian Film Institute funded the creation of a true arcade cabinet , which can be played at Tilt , the largest arcade bar in Europe.

Terror Squid, L’incubo synth “score attack” annunciato

“Terror Squid is the classic arcade game of small size but infinitely addicting that I can't get away from,” said beta tester John Doe.

“It is a simple concept, but we have optimized it in order to have a really high tactical depth and based on the score. The matches are short and intense enough to bring about an epic odyssey within a minute. The real terror is how long we will postpone our work commitments to play this damned game! ”Said Terror Squid's creative director, Syver Lauritzsen.

We remind you that Terror Squid does not yet have a d precise exit note , but you can get more information on the official page or on the Steam page . Let us know what you think and continue to follow us!


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