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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition available today!


Call for Champions! Worldwide video game developer and publisher Capcom today released Street Fighter V: Champion Edition , the most complete version of the acclaimed fighting game; now available on PlayStation®4 and PC. Together with this new version, Seth is also introduced today, which is now part of the roster Champion Edition in its new physical form, such as 40 th fighter in Street Fighter V. A new launch trailer for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition dedicated to Seth and also to other iconic fighters is now available for download on the Capcom press site.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition includes all contents (excluding Fighting Chance costumes, costumes in collaboration with other brands and the Capcom Pro Tour DLC) of both previous titles, the version original and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition . The Champion Edition includes every character, level and other content released after the Arcade Edition version, up to at the launch of this new version, with which Seth is also added. In total, this full-bodied edition of S treet Fighter V includes 40 characters, 34 levels and beyond 200 costumes. Users can select their character and fight at will choosing from a variety of exciting single-player and multiplayer modes, created for players of all skill levels, including Cinematic Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Team Battle, Ranked Match , Casual Match and many more.

Also, Seth, the 40, added to the roster of Street Fighter V ; He is expert in emulating the techniques of other fighters and returns to a new physical form in the Champion Edition . The final boss of Street Fighter IV , Seth's biological brain has been inserted into the android Doll Unit Zero, allowing his neural network to continue the search for new data and the installation of new moves, copied from the fiercest fighters in the world. Those who buy Street Fighter V: Champion Edition can already play as Seth today, while other users can still get it by spending 100. 000 Fight Money (currency in-game).

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available in physical and digital format on PlayStation®4, or in digital format on Steam. Those who already have one of the previous versions of Street Fighter V can purchase a digital Upgrade Kit that offers instant access to all the contents of the Champion Edition.

The basic version of Street Fighter V however remains the only purchase that a consumer must do to make sure you always have the most updated version of the title. All additional game modes and character balance patches are free for owners of any of the versions of Street Fighter V. In addition, all the characters of the DLC are still unlockable for free, completing various challenges and earning the in-game currency, the “Fight Money”. For those who can't wait, in-game content can also be purchased in real currency. Some additional content can only be purchased with Fight Money, currency earned by playing the game normally.


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