Hi Sid, how much did we spend together, eh? Yes, I know, I didn't give you the right attention at the beginning of your career, but the spark between us started in the early nineties with the birth of Civilization, the first chapter of your award-winning strategic saga. From there there was, for various reasons, my playful shift from the personal computers to the console world, where we found ourselves on the first PlayStation with Civilization II, a pleasant conversion had it not been that with the passing of the shifts the loads were going to cover the lapse of time of a trip out of town. Obviously these are the very first steps of a love story that never faded, so much so that my rare incursions with PC gaming are always matched with the release of the new chapters of Civilization. Do not be surprised, I even devoured the nauseating Civilization Revolution, the “lite” chapter of the saga also appeared on mobile. Here is therefore explained my joy and my joy in the arrival of Civilization VI on the current consoles. Up to a certain point, because you know better than me how dangerous the conversion process is that brings a born title for mouse and keyboard to the gamepad environment.

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Thing? Seriously? Do I really have to explain to some of you what Civilization is? But where will we end up? And that's fine, but it's the last time. Imagine finding yourself at the dawn of the world, with the human race making its first breaths of life. Choose one of the most important civilizations in existence and begin a journey that will take you from the Stone Age to the conquest of space, all from an intricate network of cultural, economic and military growth, with the ultimate goal over the rest of the world . All to be accomplished in an exquisite strategic-managerial sauce. Thus began the human epic, where it is up to us to take on the role of leader and take responsibility for the safety and well-being of our citizens. For the occasion of the arrival of the sixth chapter of the series on consoles, we armed ourselves with PlayStation 4 and the game in its most complete edition, that is with the expansions Rise and Call and Gathering Storm, capable of giving new life to a title already jam-packed with content.

The game system does not differ from what we have come to know over the years and the saga veterans will have no trouble getting into the gameplay mechanism which, as usual, puts the player in front of a map of the world divided into hexagonal sections where to construct and evolve one's own idea of ​​government and civilization. Starting with a simple group of settlers, the first settlement began to be built, to then weave the strands of the growth of their own nation, adapting to the surrounding environment and the nearby civilizations. The management is almost widespread and goes from the relationships with other world powers to the attention to the needs of its people, forcing the gamer to always keep an eye on every single element, with the complicity of a well thought out menu system.

To put it simply, but we are certain that for many of you were not even necessary, Civilization VI is a refined game that tests our management skills and forces us to keep a lot of information under control, using the “too short” blanket system. Even if we set the difficulty level to the minimum and go to retouch the options to make the experience as relaxing as possible, we will never be able to better manage every facet of the playful mosaic. As mentioned above, the blanket will always be too short. You choose what to privilege. Will you be enlightened statesmen ready to fight on behalf of culture and science? Or maybe you would prefer to use all your resources in military research to crush the rest of the world with the butt of your gun? Perhaps it is more fascinating to use diplomatic weapons or to organize a powerful theocracy in which religion dictates the rhythms of life. Choose a road and carry it forward, well aware that keeping everything in balance will almost certainly lead to having no strength.

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Every choice has its consequences, both positive and negative. If the original game is already based on this concept, the Gathering Storm expansion gets in hand and inserts the natural variable much more than ever. Not only politics, economy and war, but also the certainty that by pulling too hard we could make our nation excessively at the mercy of atmospheric catastrophes. We will have to have an eye for the surrounding nature, being aware that building a city near a river is an excellent commercial boost, but also a risk of finding a flood on the doorstep. Maybe the mine near a volcano could entice us, but it is useless to tell you how dangerous it would be to stay nearby during an eruption.

In addition to these obvious situations, we must also consider that the earth is not a magic box with infinite resources, but an extremely delicate ecosystem. To exaggerate with the exploitation of the territory and with the industrial push (not to mention the atomic one) will lead to profound unbalances that in addition to pollution will give life to events to be feared like climate change. Imagine you have built an expanse of farms to exploit extremely fertile plots and find them frozen or desertified. Not really the best, here. Civilization VI does not judge you, but merely tells you clearly that everything has a consequence. You want to dedicate yourself to profit without thinking about the implications for nature. Well, no problem, do it as well. But keep in mind that nature itself could come to pay you a high bill. Not only nature, but also other nations could turn against the excessive behavior of a ruler, thanks to the use of the world council that will meet in pre-established or emergency sessions to decide whether to veto specific political choices. In short, interesting innovations to give new life to a game that is nevertheless infinite.

Yes, because as per tradition, Civilization VI presents itself as a title with immense longevity and suitable for any level of challenge, provided to take some time to study its basic mechanisms. The technical side, both graphic and sound, makes the gaming experience pleasant, as does the perfect optimization of gamepad controls. We all agree that with a mouse and a keyboard the title gives the best of itself, but after a handful of turns it will seem to us that the pad was born to manage your cities and your troops. The multiple options for creating games with the CPU or against other online opponents make the experience virtually boundless … obviously until the next chapter of this wonderful strategic saga comes out, which, as it invites you to rewrite the history of man , always manages to write a new chapter in the history of our favorite hobby.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI - Immagine 3


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