SEGA Games announced the publication of Sonic Racing and ChuChu Rocket! Universe su Apple Arcade , the subscription service available today worldwide

Here is a video that celebrates the release of both games. Good vision.

Perfect for the most passionate gamers, but also for the whole family, both games are available exclusively on Apple Arcade and represent SEGA's DNA: refined gameplay, fantastic graphics and intense multiplayer action .

Mike Evans, SVP, mobile and digtal strategy of SEGA of America, said :

We are excited to be working with Apple on the launch of Apple Arcade. The service is really at the forefront of innovation and has allowed us to create incredible new experiences for some of the classic SEGA brands. I hope our fans and their families can have fun for generations to come.


Here are some details on the two SEGA titles for Apple Arcade. Sonic Racing ( available here ) is inspired by the title appreciated by the critics published on console last May : Team Sonic Racing. It can count on components of the team controlled by artificial intelligence, new tracks and a large number of characters to unlock. The road is all yours. Push to the maximum –

  • 15 tracks set in 5 areas
  • Put together your ideal stable choosing between 15 characters from the Sonic universe
  • 15 spectacular power ups (called Wisps) to rely on to beat the enemy stables and finish first.
  • Practical mode, online multiplayer with worldwide matchmaking and private competitions with friends
  • Rewards for participation in events and challenges that guarantee greater rewards.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe ( available here ) is the highly anticipated sequel to the legendary arcade puzzle for Dreamcast ChuChu Rocket !. The fight between space mice (the ChuChu) and space cats (the KapuKapus) continued in this sequel, a brand new game that is based on the same simple gameplay that has guaranteed him success two decades ago

  • Beyond 100 3D puzzles to solve, set in 12 amazing and delicious constellations.
  • Puzzle mode, challenge mode and boss battles
  • Take part in a fast-paced four-player game, or invite your friends in a multiplayer battle.
  • Complete each constellation and unlock all objectives.

Working on these projects represented a moment of joy for the whole study. We look forward to hearing about players' reactions when they take part in crazy online challenges. Sonic Racing will satisfy all Sonic Universe speed enthusiasts, while ChuChu Rocket! Universe will send all arcade puzzle lovers into raptures!

He concluded Neall Jones, studio director of HARDlight, software house owned by SEGA of Europe based in the United Kingdom, and responsible for both games.

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