Samsung Electronics today announces Galaxy Z Flip, a revolutionary new folding smartphone. Samsung's new device is elegant and designed for those who consider cutting-edge technology as an opportunity to express themselves. Made with a unique flexible glass, Galaxy Z Flip challenges the laws of physics thanks to a 6.7-inch display that folds into an elegant and compact form factor, perfect for being comfortably held in the palm of your hand. Designed with an innovative locking system and a dedicated user interface, Galaxy Z Flip offers new ways to capture, share and experience content, all hands-free. From elegant design to infinite shooting possibilities, Galaxy Z Flip opens a new decade of innovation for folding mobile devices.

“In Samsung we are were encouraged by the enthusiasm shown for Galaxy Fold. Galaxy Z Flip is an important step forward for the evolution of the folding device category, thanks to the introduction of a new form factor, a new display and, above all, a new type of mobile experience “, he declared TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung Electronics' Mobile Communications Division . “Through Galaxy Z Flip's unique folding design and user experience, we are redefining what a mobile device can be and what it allows people to do.”

A new type of folding device

Galaxy Fold has defined a new category, marking the beginning of the era of folding devices. Now, Galaxy Z Flip is shaping it for the next decade. As the first device in the Z series, Galaxy Z Flip introduces a new range of devices, which reconfirms Samsung's leadership position in this category, taking advantage of advanced technologies and innovative form factors to create experiences that will surprise people in the years to come.

Elegance meets technology

Design compact and elegant Galaxy Z Flip was created for those who consider technology as an opportunity to express themselves. And all the innovations introduced in Galaxy Z Flip make it possible to do so.

  • Great style in pocket format – Designed for maximum portability, Galaxy Z Flip closes taking on dimensions similar to those of a wallet, so you can easily store it in your pocket or bag. When closed, it is an elegant and compact device. Once opened, the screen size practically doubles, revealing an extraordinary 6.7-inch display. With its elegant colors, sophisticated rounded corners and innovative closure system, Galaxy Z Flip is a device that does not go unnoticed.
  • The first Samsung display in flexible glass – Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with an Infinity Flex Display with flexible glass Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) developed by Samsung, which makes it thinner and gives it a sophisticated look previously unthinkable for a folding device. In addition, the Infinity-O display with central hole eliminates the presence of the notch, offering for the first time in a Samsung device a ratio 21. 9: 9 and ensuring the maximum usability of your favorite contents, without distractions.
  • Innovative closing mechanism – The hinge of Galaxy Z Flip is an engineering work of art: supported by a sophisticated mechanism, it ensures a fluid and stable closure of the device. Galaxy Z Flip can remain open in different angles, like a laptop screen. The hidden zipper also integrates a nylon fiber structure that prevents dirt and dust from entering the device.

New generation folding smartphone

Galaxy Z Flip is designed for a modern and always on the move lifestyle. Now you can do more, from multiple angles, hands-free. This unique experience is different from that offered by any other smartphone currently available on the market.

  • Do more, without limits – Galaxy Z Flip can remain open in practically any angle, a new perspective for selfies and a new way of communicating, all without having to use your hands.
  • Flex mode – Samsung has partnered with Google to design One UI with Flex mode: a personalized user experience for the exclusive form factor of Galaxy Z Flip. When the device is in Flex mode (open at right angles), the display automatically divides into two 4-inch screens, so you can easily view images, content or videos in the upper half of the display and control them in the lower half. It is possible to easily watch and browse YouTube, playing streaming content at the top while looking for other videos, reading descriptions or writing comments at the bottom.
  • Revolutionary camera – Galaxy Z Flip can be placed on a surface in order to have even more possibilities for shooting, wherever you are: from group photos with self-timer to lively night content. You can create content for social media from the best angle, hands free, without a tripod. Capture incredible videos with Night Hyperlapse or vivid shots in low light with the Night function, without using the flash. Just open the device and place it on a table. When closed, you can quickly take high-quality selfies with one hand using the rear camera without opening the smartphone. It is also possible to record videos with a format 16: 9, perfect for social media.
  • Custom notifications – That Galaxy Z Flip is closed, in Flexo mode open, you are sure not to never miss a message, a call or a reminder. When closed, you can check the date, time and battery status at a glance on the external display. Galaxy Z Flip also allows you to receive notifications in real time and easily answer a call without opening the device. In addition, you can reply to an SMS simply by touching the notification and opening the device.
  • Multitasking – With Galaxy Z Flip you can operate perfectly in multitasking with the Multi Active window: you simply need to open it to drag and drop the apps to use. It is possible, for example, to scroll through an article on the latest trends in the upper half, while shopping in the lower half.

The best of Galaxy

As a Galaxy series device, Galaxy Z Flip makes the Galaxy ecosystem available in its new format. It offers advanced performance and features for the camera, display, battery and security, as well as services such as Samsung Health, Samsung Pay, Samsung Knox and more. Galaxy Z Flip offers a versatile shooting experience with 4K Freeze Frame, Live Focus and Super Stabilizer. The device integrates an optimized dual battery system, rechargeable both connected and wireless, which offers more energy while taking up less space. In addition, Wireless Charge Sharing allows you to charge Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch and even a friend's smartphone. Samsung Knox protects users and their devices with an independent security chip built into the processor. Users also receive secure payment services with Samsung Pay, health monitoring with Samsung Health and access to more than 5, 000 Samsung products and partners via SmartThings.


Galaxy Z Flip will be available in limited quantities in Mirror Purple and Mirror Black colors starting from 14 February 2020 at a price recommended for € 1. 520.


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