Safe In Our World , a new charity for mental health in the gaming industry, opens its doors today in conjunction with World Mental Health Day. The aim is to raise awareness of the problems affecting players and creators, promoting a positive change in the video game industry

Beyond the 50% of the population global plays with video games and, in the world, about one person in four suffers from mental health problems. Important figures, but Safe in Our World will undertake to propose initiatives to support and help players from all over the world.

Safe in Out World


Safe In Our World is a charity accredited and supported by luminaries, veterans and industry ambassadors worldwide. Its mission is to create an online reference where people can seek help, access resources or information and discover stories of real people who work or revolve around the gaming industry. The organization aims to establish a dialogue to eliminate the stigma that weighs on mental health problems, helping creators, professionals and players to come together to support each other

His first initiative will be to clear mental health problems by highlighting them in gaming experiences, starting with Fractured Minds by Emily Mitchell, winner in 2017 of the BAFTA Award Young Games Designer and at the time seventeen, who found relief in the development of video games. In the coming weeks, other projects will be announced that will support Safe In Our World.

Safe in Out World


Fractured Minds illustrates Emily's journey to tackle her problems, reflecting the true spirit and positive effects that video games can have in the lives of players. Wired Productions will release Fractured Minds and eighty percent of the game's profits will be split equally between a private fund for Emily's future and the support of Safe in Our World initiatives to help others

Coming soon on digital platforms for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch, the game will cost only 1, 99 euro and will be published by Wired Productions, a publisher known for its support to indie developers from around the world.


Founded by Gareth Williams, Leo Zullo and Neil Broadhead, veterans of the gaming industry, and with the participation of Aaron Cooper and Al Hibberd, the charity for players had already been theorized in 2017, if not before. The team worked meticulously to find out all the necessary steps to create Safe In Our World , which is supported by many companies and people from all over the world committed and passionate like them to help who needs it. Information on all persons involved is available online.

The charity enthusiastically welcomes video game developers, publishers, service providers and content creators and their interest in supporting the charity. It is registered in England and Wales with the number 1183344, but its objectives and mission are global.


Leo Zullo, president and trustee, said:

The video game industry creates worlds for many vulnerable people and it is our duty to help and support them. If we work together, we can reach them and share this message. So we can make a difference. Safe In Our World is the first step in this direction and we are honored by the response of the sector, the partners and the people who have joined this initiative

Gina Jackson, Safe In Our World trustee, added:

There is a lot of work to do, both to raise awareness and to change the mentality of this sector, but also in the communities we create and manage. Today Safe In Our World takes its first steps and we are happy that Emily has decided to support the institution with its Fractured Minds. It is such a moving experience, we are honored that it has allowed us to share it with the world to help Safe In Our World.

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