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Rust is getting ten new playable instruments in his first “premium” DLC



Pan Flute! Piano! Battery! plumber's trumpet!

If you are like me, then you will firmly believe that all the games could be greatly improved by adding a melodious sound that you can blow up a right melody since the spirits are low. And the developer Facepunch Studios is clearly on the same page because it was just announced that Rust's first “premium” DLC will add a whole new range of musical instruments.

Rust already has a playable instrument in the form of an acoustic guitar, but the brutal new paid DLC of the brutal multiplayer survival game will introduce ten more, something that fans seem to have genuinely asked for.

In total, Rust's package of instruments will introduce the wheelbarrow plan, the junk drum kit, the bass of the altarpiece, the xylophones, the sousaphone, the cowbell, the canbourine, the jerry can guitar, the pan flute and finally the plumber's trumpet. Which is not the delightful euphemism that might initially seem. The photos of each are available in the official post of the announcement.

The sousaphone.

To accompany the new instruments, Facepunch is revising Rust's musical control scheme. Soon it will be possible to associate the range of standard notes (ie A, B, C, D, E, F and G) to any key, and there is also a sharp and octave modifier, which yields more than 20 playable notes on some instruments. You can even connect a MIDI device and play most instruments in real time.

Explaining his decision to bring Rust's new DLC into question around the glorious shared spirit of shared music, Facepunch said: “Looking at the way other games have handled the DLC, we have noticed the trend that has to fracture and divide the community. it's something we wanted to avoid. “

The majestic plumber's trumpet

In reality, it will not even wall the new content to those who buy the DLC. If someone who owns the premium package decides to create, for example, a canbourine for a friend, the recipient can play it at will. And if a player carrying an instrument were to be killed, whoever found the corpse could sound its plumber's trumpet for as long as he wanted.


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