In addition to the eight protagonists of Romancing Saga 3 , players will also encounter various additional characters throughout history and may even enlist some of them that will accompany them during their adventure. We remind you that the title will be available on 11 November on Switch, Pc, PS4, PSVita, Xbox One and mobile

Here is the list of characters drawn by Tomomi Kobayashi :


Messaggero della Matriach

A minstrel who travels the world. He frequented the locals in the area to spread the legend of the Matriach and lead the protagonist. Surprisingly, it is an inexhaustible source of entertainment. If players add Minstrel to their group, they will not be able to ask him to abandon it up to a certain point in the game.



A girl who travels around cities around the world. The protagonist and the group follow as soon as he sees them. The identity of this girl is a mystery, and always appears with a different name every time she sees the protagonist


Maga dell'acqua

A prodigious sorceress who rules the northern half of the city of Mahzoz. She is an expert in hydrology and studies the spells in combos launched by a large group of people. Players can team up with Undine putting an end to the power struggle in the city of Mahzoz.



A warrior from the lobster tribe who lives at the end of the world. Despite its stout appearance, it is extremely agile. The Lobsters are the only tribe to know the place where Forneus, one of the Sinistrals, lives.

Robin and Pseudo-Robin

Masked heroes

Robin is a mysterious masked man who appears in the port city of Yarmouth. It tries to prevent the crimes of the merchants and is very popular among the women of the city. Pseudo-Robin is a mysterious masked man who appears when the real Robin can't be there for one reason or another. Despite his body, he is very fast.


Vampire Count

A vampire count who rules Podorui. He has more than 500 years and knows in person the Archfiend and the Matriach . The Holy Grail that once contained Matriach's blood is very dear to him and will follow anyone who takes possession of it. Mikhail trusts Leonid, since he is an old acquaintance of his. Leonid drinks only the blood of beautiful young women.

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