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Riot to pay $ 10 million as part of the resolution of the gender discrimination lawsuit



It will affect all female employees in the last 5 years.

Any employee who has worked for the League of Legends developer Riot Games in the last five years will receive payment from a proposed settlement fund ($ m USD, following of a class action regarding “gender discrimination in terms of remuneration and promotion, sexual harassment and retaliation against women working at the company”

The news follows Riot's announcement in August that he made the decision to resolve the case in order to prove his “commitment to owning our past and looking after the company so that we can move forward together” . At the time, Riot said he could not share the details of the agreement until it was reviewed and approved by the court.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Riot and the two plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit have all agreed on the terms of the agreement, even if the court has yet to give its final approval. Reportedly, the proposed agreement will cover almost 1, 000 woman who worked on the riot games since November 2014 up to the date of conclusion of the agreement, with exact payments being determined by the duration of the work and by the status of full-time or fixed-term worker.

A copy of the transaction proposal obtained by Kotaku notes that the payment amount of $ 10 m – reportedly a of the largest in the history of California for a cause of gender discrimination – is a response to what the plaintiffs lawyer has determined is a significant difference in the salary between men and women working in Riot Games.

“The agreement is another important step forward,” said lawyer Ryan Saba in a statement given to Kotaku, “and demonstrates our commitment to respecting our values ​​and making Riot an inclusive environment for the best talent in the industry. “

Class legal action is only one of the many causes of gender discrimination presented against Riot in the last year. The company tried to stop two others by insisting that the people involved had renounced their rights to sue under the terms of their employment contracts – a decision that led to more 150 employees staging strikes of high-profile personnel in protest in May.

When Riot initially announced his plans to resolve the class action lawsuit in August, Rioters Against Forced Arbitration, which organized the strikes, said: “Solving this class action is a victory for women in the games . We believe that this and Riot's policy changes help to continue the progress towards fairness we have made over the last year. While this agreement helps bring peace to the women of Riot, we want to recognize that discrimination and harassment issues go beyond gender and recognize victims who are not covered in this suit. “


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