This week a range of items of clothing for a limited period of time returns to the stores, including the Eberhart overcoat embroidered by hand and lined in silk , Carver trousers in deer leather, the Cardozo Gilet with decorative scorpions and much more.

In the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog you can still find the Covington Hat with a loose brim and several variants of Bandana with motifs , although it is said that they will soon be replaced to make room for new seasonal arrivals.

Collectors who find Asso di Spade , Gran Corazon Madeira and Golden dollar of 1800 may contain the complete collection Gambling to Madame Nazar to receive a nice nest egg. If you can't find the famous wanderer, just hand over the collection to the nearest post office.

Who really wants to test skill, precision and ingenuity can not miss the featured series of this week, No waste (manual aiming) , in which players will have to eliminate their opponents by having only bow and arrows or throwing knives. Compete in an area that gradually narrows, until only the outlaw with the best aim remains

This week all the heads of the Posse will receive one Treasure Map free, while the players who want rise in rank will receive the 40% more PE participating in any Free Roam event, Free Roam mission, bounty hunter mission , refueling mission for Merchants , mission of The land of opportunities , Return of accounts or tender .

This week, those who want to create a band of happy criminals can take advantage of the discount of 50% on the cost of creating a permanent Posse and the discount of 30% racehorse and harness . Also the Modify appearance option (in the Player Menu) is discounted by 30% and the gunslingers will have one discount of 30% on belts and metals for weapons .

Red Dead Online players who have linked their Social Club account to Twitch Prime account can still redeem the Bounty Hunter License for free and take advantage of of a further 10% of discount on all the above-mentioned offer items . To ensure access to future benefits, visit Twitch Prime and register.

A new profession of the border is about to arrive. Continue to follow the Newswire for more details on Distillers, the new substantial update for Red Dead Online recently announced, coming in 13 December, which will introduce a new narrative arc full of action, along with the first purchasable property. As always, go to the Social Club events page to find out about all the special events, bonuses and discounts being offered by Red Dead Online

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