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Pokemon Sword and Shield arrives on Nintendo Switch in less than a month and we continue to learn new tidbits on games in preparation for their launch. One of the major features of the titles – both figuratively and literally – is the Wild Area, an open world expanse that extends across the Galar region. This area hosts a variety of different Pokemon that roam the world as in Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee , and it seems that some of these monsters will be too difficult to deal with initially.

According to the recent practical impressions of Eurogamer , depending on where you go in the area wild, some of the Pokemon you meet will be “drastically overestimated”, which means that if you don't proceed cautiously, you could run into a monster that's too strong to fight. This marks a drastic change from the previous installments; in the past, wild Pokemon levels gradually expanded as you made your way through the region, but in Sword and Shield, it looks like you will be able to quickly put yourself on your head if you are not careful.

This should be good news for fans who have heard that Pokemon games have become easier over the years. Furthermore, Eurogamer states that wild Pokemon with good statistics will now have a visual indicator. Pokémon that boast a perfect pair of IVs will be surrounded by a faint yellow aura, making it much easier to tell which monsters deserve to be captured.

The Wild Area is also where you can take advantage of the new feature Pokemon Camp . While in the area, you will be able to create a field and play with your Pokemon, which in turn will help them improve in battle. Raid Battles also take place periodically in the wild area; these have you and three other players facing a large Dynamax Pokemon. Some of the Pokemon Raids you capture will also be able to Gigantamaxing, which not only replaces the monster but also changes their appearance.

Launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch in November 15. We had the chance to learn more about the games recently and we learned that you can skip the capture tutorial this time around. You can read more information about the titles and the various pre-order bonuses available in our Guide to Pre-ordering Pokemon Sword and Shield .

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