Recent statements by the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment clarify its position.

PS Vita

The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment , Jim Ryan , spoke in an extensive Game Informer report on the 25 mark anniversary PlayStation of different interesting topics about the platform and its history. However, one of the most interesting parts of the text came when it touched the coverage of one of the company's most beloved and less successful platforms, PS Vita.

Regarding PS Vita, Ryan explained that “ was brilliant in many ways , and the experience Real gaming was fantastic, but it's clearly a bargain we're no longer in, “clarifying, once again, its position in the handheld console as a hardware manufacturer: it is neither expected nor expected . The platform was released in 2012 and was the successor to PSP, the company's first laptop and the most successful of the two launched . Production of PS Vita ended a few months ago.

Regarding PSP, former president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House , explained that the 'man behind PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi , was always reluctant to take the leap into the business of handheld consoles before the possibility of a trend change in the mobile telephony market before the arrival of smartphones. Despite this, “it didn't stop us from actually having good success with PSP at the moment.”

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