The head of the video game company of the company Redmond advances in a very exciting way 16215.

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Project Scarlett

Phil Spencer , commanded by Xbox , today surprised its followers on Twitter by announcing that they are already enjoying Project Scarlett at home, indicating the good progress in their development that they are doing since Microsoft .

“And this started … This week I brought my Scarlett Project home and it became my main console, the one where I play my games, where I connect with the community and yes, I'm having fun with but Xbox Elite Series 2 . Excellent teamwork. 2020 It will be an incredible year, “he predicts in his message.

The tweet does not provide more information than the one presented here, although it speaks very well of the development state of the Xbox Scarlett which is already fully functional both to play games to access the online functions of the Microsoft platform.

Precisely and in relation to this topic, a few hours ago we echoed in the 3D Games a news in which it was hypothesized that the technology giant Redmond is developing two Scarlett Xbox models.

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