The indie phenomenon of the Yacht Club Games surprises with its sales on Nintendo's hybrid console.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Nobody doubts the importance it has Shovel Knight in the independent games market, the proof of this is that the project that started as a campaign

Kickstarter currently is found on almost all possible contemporary platforms . The surprise is on which platform has made its biggest sales, curiously, one of the latest consoles to which the game has arrived: Nintendo Switch .

Recently the creator of the game, Sean Velasco , offered an interview with Destructoid in which he confirmed that the game had great popularity on Nintendo Switch , both for the 25% of the total copies of the game sold on that platform . This figure becomes more interesting if we consider that the game originally debuted on on November 6 2014 and at the beginning of 2015 on most of the platforms on which it is available; for Nintendo Switch it arrived until the month of March of 2017 and, also in this case, one in four copies sold of the game is on this platform.

Shovel Knight is preparing to receive his latest expansion, King of Cards, as well as his new-off fight, Shovel Knight Showdown, both coming next 10 December as part of the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove collection. Next year will come Shovel Knight Dig, another spin-off of the series that stands out for being the first title that will not be developed directly by the Yacht Club Games team.

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