Retro wave. There are no classic command units in Europe and the United States.

Nintendo Switch

What better way to have fun with Super Nintendo games on Nintendo Switch Online who with a command of Brain of the Beast ? This is what many Switch users have had to think about lately, since they have exhausted the classic remote control units in the official Nintendo Store in the United States and Europe.

When they tried to buy the remote control In the online store you will find a message that states that “this product is not currently available. We will fill the stocks at the beginning of 2020 ; we will continue to report. “It remains to have patience until you can acquire the classic accessory to enjoy cult video games such as Super Metroid o Super Mario World .

Super Nintendo entered the Nintendo Switch Online classic catalog a few months ago. It allows you to enjoy an extensive list of mythical Nintendo bit video games 16 in your hybrid system. The only condition, like in the case of 8-bit games , is to be a subscriber to the company's online service.

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