The console already improves demand data in this market compared to the previous year.

Nintendo Switch

The success of Nintendo Switch in Japan brings out of doubt everything for a long time, but the question now it is: how far will your success go? For now, according to the new information, you can already assume you have exceeded the request PlayStation 3 .

According to data from the Game Data Library collected by Japanase Nintendo, the hybrid system has already sold 10 , 43 millions of units, enough to overcome 10, 25 millions of PS3 devices purchased on the Japanese market.

If you continue to sell at this rate in half 2020 it will also exceed Wii, with little more 12, 7 million consul. It won't be an easy task, but the truth is that this year Nintendo Switch, in the absence of a month, has already improved the commercial data of 2018.

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