Capcom is helping all the other Monster Hunter World: Iceborne substitutes. He arrives without cost the following day on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the action role-playing game 12. 01 the substitute will add new weapon trees, a plethora of adjustments and modifications, the Zinogre monster from Stygian and more.

The main feature of 12. 01 the patch is the inclusion of the Stygian Zinogre , a viverna with fangs stumbled on Monster Hunter 3 Remaining. Furthermore, a tempered model of the monster Ruiner Nergigante is offered for hunting. In spite of every little thing, you could make weapons with their fragments.

Il 12. 01 The substitute also includes fresh weapon trees, pieces and sets of armor, extra abilities and more. In addition, you will win the admission to the Tundra Put of residents, a cool cave covered with frost plagued by icy beasts and specific materials for hunting and salvation.

In other locations of the patch, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will win more Horizon Zero Break of the thunder day at the end of this month. The second collaboration research will be launched in December 13, with the third collaboration research that will follow correctly two weeks later in December 27. These occasions will be accessible until 9 January 2020.

Take a look below for the total patch notes on Monster Hunter World: the next Iceborne replacement.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Stout Change 12. 01 Notes on the patch

Required environment

  • PlayStation 4 (v. 12. 01): about 2.1 GB (last this substitute)
  • Xbox One (see 12. 0.0.1): Approximately 2.8 GB (last this substitute)


  • Added movie that unlocks the Tundra Put to reside in the Lands Guide.
  • Added new weapon trees, armor and skills.
  • Added Stygian Zinogre (Stygian Zinogre will appear in a video in the Guide Lands, after finishing the Iceborne story).
  • A tempered model of Ruiner Nergigante will now appear in sport.


  • Removed the wounded answer from the departure of the sword and Claw Uppercut of defense.
  • The defense sword and Claw Uppercut can now soften a monster's hideout.
  • Correct sword wound and Ultimate Defense Flee.
  • The method adapted to how other players are beaten lends a hand from the explosions attributable to the gun's Wyrmstake explosion.
  • A sort of double blade action has been modified.
  • Replacing the ammunition falls for slings, the double rotating rotating blade will now damage the parts more easily.
  • Mounted a danger in which the cluster bomb refilling the scamper modified into traditional or reloading now would no longer have created while aiming when the use of the heavy Shotgun.
  • Adapted method on the Extended Smartly of retrieval of the research horn so that being repurchased appropriately even when suffering an injury over time.
  • Modified how much ammo is aged by the balk's shot when the Slinger Ability ability is active.
  • Adjusted the Frostcraft ability so that now the insect glaive will no longer use its indicator when it performs a brilliantly mounted attack.


  • Now you can place a unique decor for your room in Seliana.
  • Now you can play the unique BGM for your room in Seliana.
  • Added unique designs for the team card.
  • Unique pendants added.
  • Added the line of Defender Starter-excellent weapons (forgivable to the Forge).
  • Added the Starter-excellent Defender α armor situation (available from the Armory).
  • Added unique feature to automatically improve armor with accessible armor spheres.
  • When you get particular traces analyzed in the Help Lands or when the evaluation is completed, other players for your shipment will now realize the same particular tracks.
  • The leader of the Terre Guida expedition can now manually reduce particular phases of the space by chatting with the Manager.
  • Added a single layer armor.
  • Pose single weapon added. Your hunter will create different poses by looking at the equipped weapon.


  • Put probability of correction of the accessible resident level in the Lands Guide.
  • Modified method so that all forms of ammunition are reloaded when leaving the tent with a rifle in hand.
  • The extract of Kinsect crimson, white and orange can now be collected from the coach of the coaching pronunciation.
  • Lustrous Wyvern Blade modified to Platinum of the day. (This title has been changed to modified to match its appearance)
  • Reduced the frequency of playback of Palico observation in standby mode.
  • The next decorations are now easier to make:
  • Blaze Jewel 4, Movement Jewel 4, Frost Jewel 4, Crawl Jewel 4, Dragon Jewel 4, Venom Jewel 4, Paralyzer Jewel 4, Sleep Jewel 4, Blast Jewel 4

Corrections of malicious programs and balancing adjustments

unhealthy / Structures

  • Mounted a danger with the degree of precedence of enormous meals added to the canteen in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.
  • Mounted a danger that probably now would no longer allow you to model the Rajang objects obtained from the Earth Guide to the Elder Melder.
  • Mounted a danger in which the participant of the track for your room in Seliana now no longer appeared.
  • Set up a danger in which the sport froze when exposing tremendous double blades in the Tool Room in your Seliana room.
  • Set up a danger that when you put pets with the housekeeper's method, particular steps would cause an error.
  • Modified the situations to unlock the “The Invading Tyrant – Bazelgeuse” BGM for the track participant.
  • Set up a danger that after a spicy meal at the cafeteria, the time before your resistance is reduced is rarely restored.


  • Mounted a danger in which Brachydios would have won stuck on top to the ledges in the particular environment.
  • Mounted a danger in which precisely through multiplayer, the explosions attributable to the slime of Brachydios temperate would no longer be synchronized between the players.
  • Mounted a danger in which huge monsters would be repeatedly shown just through low defectiveness missions in the Weak Wood even if their methods now do not appear more in the search itself.
  • Prizes changed after breaking Zinogre's head, along with the addition of prizes.
  • Mounted a danger in which Legiana would have continued to proceed as a substitute for the wing after an avalanche was precipitated in the pronunciation 4 of the Brina.
  • Set up a danger that Nightshade Paolumu would now no longer drop an attraction after a battle on the ground with tremendous monsters.
  • A danger has arisen in which Velkhana would not have hurt himself now in his budding battle with Ruiner Nergigante.
  • Set up a danger where resistance no longer diminished as it mounted on top of Gold Rathian.
  • Mounted a danger in which Lunastra was no longer able to grasp his attack of defective glow.
  • Mounted a danger in which Gold Rathian would have gained more time than it was designed to land after attacking with his infernal breath.
  • Mounted a danger in which, in the Coral Highlands, Namielle occasionally fell into a pronunciation that is now no longer designed to circulate.
  • Mounted a danger in which huge monster attacks would strike twice.
  • Mounted a danger in which the torn claw would have worked right through monstrous monster actions even when it was not supposed to.
  • Mounted a danger in which the shadow of Seething Bazelgeuse's scales now no longer corresponded to its enhanced pronunciation.
  • Set up a hazard in which the Namielle water pools now no longer reacted to the monster's electrical attacks.
  • Mounted a danger in which Gold Rathian would have wept endlessly if led to a specific pronunciation of the Elder Recession.
  • Mounted a danger in Ver. 11. 50 where particular traces will be analyzed while being extracted from Uragaan or Radobaan to lend a hand in the Guide Lands. We advise regret for now do not warn players about this previously.
  • Regulated for how long an old dragon and terrible monsters stop in the same pronunciation as the Guide Lands.


  • Mounted a hazard where the Long Sword's Foresight Slash or Iai Slash or Evasion Mantle would have settled effectively on an escape when the monster was shot down, even assuming that no attack hitbox was modified to the maximum -to-the-minute.
  • Mounted a danger in which Lunastra data in the Guiding Lands menu no longer appeared under terrible situations.
  • Mounted a danger in which, if the method now no longer supports the Geometry Package, and under enormous situations speak with the Researcher Lynian, the key tutorial for the Geometra environment would now no longer appear and you probably wouldn't be ready to make the goods now.
  • Mounted a danger in which in the Highlands of Coral, the monsters would have won caught in environmental traps to replace being slaughtered because it clashed with a wall from a shot of torn claw balk.
  • Mounted a danger in which it will improve the ability Intelligently improve now it would not hide more correctly to the other players through the multiplayer.
  • Set up a danger in which the final style sound is reproduced in extraordinary scenarios after the heavy gun has automatically loaded its ammunition.
  • Mounted a danger in which the colors of the icons now no longer hid exactly when a weapon was updated.
  • Mounted a danger where the enhanced pronunciation of the instruments would no longer reflect when updating an instrument loading.
  • Mounted a danger in which in particular scenarios, sling ammunition would win incorporated in partitions, etc., When performing a tear-off weapon attack to claw on a monster.
  • Mounted a danger in which the Grasp Gatherer skill type is no longer activated during mining with the pickaxe.
  • Mounted a danger in which the automatic shots hid involuntarily after the use of the tear-off claw to hit a monster in a wall.
  • Mounted a danger in which the attack and the defense of a control on the data now no longer matched after an escape backwards with the sword and defense.
  • Set up a hazard in which the abilities related to the attacks of the project will be consumed if the attack of the project came into contact with the frost of Velkhana.
  • Mounted a danger where a balk shot would occur when it clung to a monster, even assuming no buttons were pressed .
  • Set up a danger in which it would appear to be an essential type of blow when wounding a monster's hideout after hitting it with the sword and the defense Claw Uppercut .
  • Make the changes to the increasing rotation bar of the double blades increasing the elemental resizing.
  • Set up a danger in which the players would be peaceful suffer an elemental plague even when they watched huge monster attacks.
  • Mounted a danger in which the plan of tremendous weapons while coated was changed to inaccurate.
  • Mounted a hazard in which, during the hunt below special requirements, the second net page of SOS rockets would no longer be displayed.
  • Set up a danger in which the ax style of vitality of the payment blade continued to hide.
  • Mounted a hazard in which the behavior of the participant's person would become irregular if the participant turned into zombified in mid-air while closing on a ledge .
  • Mounted a danger in which a little skin shadow on the participant's character now no longer hid properly when the zombification pronunciation was removed.
  • Mounted a hazard in which the default shadow for the Gastodon layer armor was changed to unnatural.
  • Set up a hazard in which honest defense numbers were no longer shown when defense-related abilities were activated when forging or editing tools.
  • PS4 – Mounted a hazard where, when you hold down the Triangle button to continue charging while aiming at Heavy Bowgun, reloading would not be more continued after reloading cluster bombs.
  • Xbox One – Mounted a hazard where, when the Y button is pressed and continues to recharge while aiming for Heavy Bowgun, reloading now it would no longer continue after reloading cluster bombs.
  • Mounted a danger in which the Palico commands would replace the positions in the merchandise window after changing the Palico objects.
  • Mounted a danger in which the hunter would no longer create an action when a button is pressed after the participant uses the left stick and is known a buffer send.


  • Mounted a danger in which the directional buttons of the camera now no longer answered every now and then when the use of the settings of the type 3 or type 4 adjustment
  • Mounted a danger in which the Protect excluded the entry of ammunition / lining into the long-range weapon that defends a clock on the data now no would hide more when using Item Adjust Atmosphere Kind 2.
  • [PS4] Set up a hazard in which some actions will be performed simultaneously when the participant uses the Surveyor package and the efficiency of the L1 / R1 buttons is Switched to the Settings rule.
  • [XBOX] A hazard has been set in which some actions will be performed simultaneously when the participant uses the Surveyor package and the efficiency of the LB buttons is activated / RB adjustment settings.
  • Mounted a danger where the characters could have fallen off the floor in the Coral Highlands.
  • Mounted a hazard in which the evaluation indicator withdrew when the participant obtained an ongoing evaluation of particular traces or analyzed particular traces.
  • Mounted a danger in which Molys would have continued to dig into the bottom.
  • Set up a danger in which the situations of activation of abilities that raise the elemental energy now no longer hide properly when the instruments of others are inspected participants.
  • Mounted a danger in which the monster's knowledge did not synchronize more correctly between the players when the monster was closed to death.
  • Wrong knowledge in “A Man and his Protect – 5” and “The Boaboa Insist – 6” as tip.
  • Mounted a danger in which some BGM monsters generally exchanged and played just through a mission.
  • A danger has arisen in which the repetition of the envelope of the goods would have been replaced involuntarily by the closure of the utility.
  • Set up a hazard in which knowledge on the classification would no longer be recovered if a eliminated participant were to be recorded in the rankings.
  • Updated an error message that is displayed when the saved data is broken.
  • Mounted a danger in which parts of the attachment data will be deleted in extraordinary situations for users who have eliminated the “Paean of Steerage” and ” To the Guided, A Paean ”.
  • Other minor changes to the game's stability and minor bug fixes have been made.


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