As already announced in recent weeks, Bungie has brought several novelties to the Gamescom 2019 regarding the new expansion coming this year on Destiny 2 , denominated Shadows from the Deep . In addition to the information released during the Microsoft conference, which we will examine in more detail below, we also showed two new trailers that you can see below

The information released by Game Director Ben Wommack and Community Director David Dague, aka Deej, is the least important part of the news. From the words released by the developers, we come to know that the players will get 3 “finisher” when the new expansion will be released, one for each character. Still talking about the new mechanics introduced in the title, it was revealed that the players will not be immune when they use this against the enemies, and it is specified that it will not be possible to use it against the bosses

Instead, as regards what we have seen on screen, the new enemies we will face will be called “Nightmares”. At least 2 new Assaults will be introduced, one on the Moon and one on Io, the latter already anticipated by the players through glitches that have allowed them to access areas that are not yet theoretically accessible.

Il level-cap , presumed to be 960, goes beyond to 964, so we can deduce that the limit for the new season could be 1000 , thanks to the new system of artifacts. Furthermore, new modifiers will be introduced and we will see the return of difficulty levels for precise activities

The artifacts , returned in a new guise, will allow the obtainment of seasonal mods applicable to the reinforcement 2.0 . Some of these have particular effects, such as for example heavy ammunition can be obtained by executing a finisher at the cost of super half, and several will have a higher cost than the others commonly obtainable through Armaiolo and other activities.

One thing that jumped to our eyes, and we wanted to bring you back, but we don't know what it is, is a strange symbol that you see on some weapons. We will find out what it is in due course.

Finally, in addition to the return of enemies in the form of nightmares, such as Ghaul and Crota, we also see Omnigul (or Cantamorte) and the beloved Phogot. In the various glimpses of the first trailer and of the conference we have seen a little more closely some of the new Exotics that we could equip. Un new helmet of hunters , already seen on the site of , whose perk reads:

Killing a Guardian with a melee or a fighter with a finisher will provide invisibility and will restore some of his health and shields.

Another weapon of which we can better notice the peculiarity is a vacuum rocket launcher , which seems to release small nine, as for the Chaos branch of the subclass from empty for the Sorcerer. The most vigilant eyes will also be able to capture the armor of the new Garden of Salvation raid.

Speaking of the pre-order bonus , in addition to the decoration for the Two-Code Fox fighter launcher , we will have also:

  • Emote Whispers Exotic
  • Exotic spectrum envelope by Eris Morn
  • Emblem “Message Obscured”

The last video comes from the Opening Night Live, which ended a few minutes ago, during which the trailer for the Season of the Timeless was shown arriving on October 5th 2019 , four days after the release of the new expansion.

With the good stability base with the Renegades and the Annual Pass, and with the arrival of its third year of life, will Destiny 2 be able to become the title that Bungie had originally designed? We look forward to playing the new adventure, and you? Let us know on our social networks

We remind you that Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep the October 1 will be released 2019 su Playstation 4 , Xbox One and Steam , and then on Google Stadia , and is available at pre-order in the Standard Edition at the price of 39, 99 €, Deluxe Edition at the price of 59, 99 € and as Collector's Edition at the price of 159, 99 €.


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