The international video game publisher 505 Games and the famous development studio Remedy Entertainment , announced with this press release, that a series of post-launch contents are in arrival for award-winning video game Control .

This title available from 27 August for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms (via Epic Games Store) has been described by the press as “one of the best video games of the 2019” (TIME Magazine), “a title that will speak again for generations” (GamesRadar), “visually stunning” (Entertainment Weekly) and “the best video game developed by Remedy” (VG 247).

Below is a description of the contents that will be made available for Control:

  • Photo Mode: Remedy is working to create, this fall, a new free mode that will allow players to take great pictures of Jesse inside the Oldest House.
  • New Game Mode: Expeditions will be released in December will include new content in which Jesse will have to help Arish, the Head of Security, to explore the mysterious “Formation” and its surroundings. Here lies one of the most challenging challenges within the Oldest House. This content will be free for all players
  • Expansions: In 2020 two expansions will be released for a fee, “Fondamenta” and “EMA”, both will include new missions, new teams, new enemies and new game mechanics and will be set in new areas within the Oldest House
    • Fondamenta will delve into the history of the Oldest House. At the request of the mysterious Board, Jesse will have to find out what is hidden in the basement of the building of the Federal Bureau of Control.
    • The second expansion, called EMA , will take place in a new area of ​​the Oldest House, the Investigations Sector, where the Bureau carefully studies the Events of the Altered World.

The Digital Deluxe Edition of Control for PlayStation 4 (€ 79. 99), will include these two expansions, all the contents of the standard PlayStation 4 edition, the extra “Isolation” mission and the exclusive Urban Response Equipment for Jesse . For players who have already purchased Control for PS4 it is possible to book the Season Pass which will include both expansions as soon as they are released.

Any expansion can be purchased individually at launch, the season pass and expansions will be available for purchase also for Xbox One and PC. The Season Pass and the Fondamenta expansion will be available for purchase on these two platforms after the launch on the PlayStation 4 version. The EMA expansion will be released simultaneously for all platforms.


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