Of all the hunters in the crypt who can be played in Borderlands 3 certainly Fl4k stands out for its characteristic of being constantly accompanied by an animal, his familiar. This companion can be one Skag , a Jabber or a Formiragno and each of the variants of this animal has advantages different.

Although no branch neglects the animal and the synergy of Fl4k with the same , to give really attention to the hunting companion of the robot is without a doubt the branch Master , with effects that sometimes fall not only on the beast, but also on the hunter himself. Let's see in this guide a way in which you can build by giving priority to the branch Master , entering into the merit of a synergy with the branch Relentless .


If you are looking to play Fl4k maximizing the power of your animal companion, resorting to the branch Master is practically a forced choice: the abilities of this skill tree in fact focus almost entirely on enhancements for the animal, only sporadically enhancing Fl4k itself.

To all intents and purposes, you will not get real bonuses for Fl4k from this branch , especially with the build we are going to recommend. The basic elements of this build are the skills Ferocia and Targeted to the eyes! , the skills at the beginning of the branch: these are the two skills that have the most impact on the damage inflicted by our animal, thus allowing us to increase its effectiveness and make it an instrument ideal for dealing damage.

Other basic steps of the build are Mutual aid , Skewer of Psycho's heads and Mutant defenses , all significant increases in animal power or physical resistance


Another fundamental skill in this branch is Barbaric lament . This skill is in fact the only one in the whole game to enhance the animal bonus , what Fl4k's partner guarantees while he is alive. Normally animal bonuses are rather scarce as an entity, but thanks to 5 points invested in this skill we will be able to triple its intensity .

To understand, the greater horned Skag will thus constantly provide us with an increase from the weapon damage of 30%, to which we add an increase to the general damages of 15%, that is to say that from the latter buff you will also upgrade grenades, shield powers, melee and elemental damage over time

With a class mod which specifically enhances Barbaric lament you could get 3, 4 or even 5 at this skill, in the latter case quintupling the effects of the animal bonus. These variants are extremely rare, but even with a 3 you could get a constant buff a Fl4k which will make it practically a death machine even though it has no skills strictly designed for it.


The skill branch Master has an abnormal defect, of which practically everyone has complained: his final ability, Dominion . The series Borderlands is famous because of the power of the “milestones” at the end of a skill branch, which often dramatically enhance a character, sometimes even revolutionizing the gameplay.

Dominion is a skill that is not difficult to define at all bad : its effect allows Fl4k to make a target hit with melee only once, for 12 seconds (24 for the animals), while forcing it to lose 2% health per second. Most will have noticed how this ability seems to have so little relevance to be even unseemly, given that often the enemies seem to die faster than what and their usefulness as allies is not

This mechanic is completely true until you reach the final stages of the game, especially during the endgame and the Chaos mode . In fact, the enemies at that point will automatically be stronger, making themselves far more useful than it is during the regular course of history.

Moreover with this ability it is also possible to convert large beasts (including the largest Saurians of Eden 6) and consecrated enemies , thus gaining a decidedly greater utility in Chaos.

So yes … Domain is an undoubtedly bad ability to be a “capstone” , would have had more sense if it had been placed in the middle of the branch, it also has more synergy with the Disappearance than with Impulse Gamma, given that Fl4k can perform infinite melee from invisible without interrupting this action ability.

But you should not underestimate its usefulness, especially in the most difficult and demanding contexts, for this reason in this guide we recommend its activation .


The branch Implacable develops the perfect synergy with the branch Padrone , at least if you want to build a build strongly oriented to the use of the hunting animal. In fact, this branch incredibly enhances the resistance of Fl4k and its animal, making the latter a real indestructible tank. Whenever the animal is slaughtered you can revive it instantly with Impulso Gamma . You would not get a good synergy with the Hunter branch, which focuses strictly on Fl4k and its skill with weapons

Therefore, maximize skills Self-healing system , Performance anxiety , My dearest friends , Licking wounds , Toccata and fugue and finally Beast Power . There will remain two skill points to spend once per level 50, return to the branch Master and spend them on Bites! , an ability that will provide additional power to the beast.

With these abilities not only Fl4k and his beast will witness each other, but Fl4k will get more bonuses for weapon damage and can be revived by his animal.


Once the skills have been configured we can proceed to deepen the rest of the build, exploring the recommended equipment, the correct perk for action skills and which animal to choose for hunting


Skag and Jabber are both very valid allies in this build. While the Skag will guarantee you a consistent increase in damage, the Jabber will increase your speed of movement (even if the game will continue to erroneously report an increase of only 5%, the animal bonuses of the jabber are still influenced by Barbaric Lament).

Our advice is to opt for the Greater Horned Skag , which will provide you with a powerful increase in weapon damage , but you should still consider changing the animal based on the circumstances. For example, the skag cannot fight efficiently against flying foes or too fast, or against bosses such as the Guardian , the Sventrator 9000 or the Katasfera . In such cases it is preferable to Jabber pistolero .


The game will allow you to configure both action abilities , you can change them on the fly by simply clicking on the skill at the start of the branch and you will automatically be equipped with the gamma pulse with its modifiers or similarly for the disappearance .

The rest is up to you : you should evaluate how and when to use one or the other, also you should strongly consider the idea of ​​changing the upgrades to ability based on circumstances. Again, it makes no sense to use the gamma pulse against certain bosses, but on the other hand this action ability can instantly revive the hunting animal and increase the damage it inflicts, for which is more useful in general.

On gamma impulse we strongly recommend activating upgrades Atomic buffet and Resistance , while on the disappearance we recommend Guerrilla in the fog and No eyelids . Again, you can also configure this ability according to your equipment or circumstances.


The advantage of this kind of build is that the equipment has no particular constraints : you can literally use whatever suits you. We will not give you particular advice on weapons, given that Fl4k here can use them all without distinction, but if you prefer to use the gamma pulse, evaluate weapons with a high critical damage.

As for the rest of the equipment, let's see from case to case:


There are no particular preferences on the shield , but those that enhance the regeneration of health , since this will affect the animal. For this reason, we strongly recommend a shield like the Re-Charger in a variant with energy regeneration: once unloaded, the shield will immediately return charged, effectively allowing you to regenerate health for you and the your pet instead of having to wait for recharging


If you bet on the legendary class mods for Fl4k , you must keep an eye on, in order of importance:

  1. La Friend-Bot
  2. La Red Fang
  3. La DE4DEYE

The Friend-Bot is undoubtedly the best under every front, also because it strengthens Barbaric lament , Skewer of Psycho's heads e My dearest friends , three abilities with an enormous impact on the animal and on Fl4k . In fact, we could say that these three skills are a real cornerstone of the build.

The Red Fang is a valid alternative, which does not have an innate bonus just as useful, but which can transform the animal into an excellent diversion. Compared to Friend-Bot, this class mod focuses more on action skills

The DE4DEYE is undoubtedly a fallback choice compared to the other two, which can be useful because of the innate bonus that increases by 35% the damage inflicted by Fl4k and his animal to all enemies with higher health than 75%, but not has a particularly significant impact on skills. In fact, this mod is best used on completely different builds

On the front of the very rare class mods , bet on the T4mer , which enhance the skills at the beginning of the branch Owner , exactly those that provide increase to the damage of the animal. Also try to choose variants in which random rolls are to your advantage.


There are no preferences even on the grenades , but it may be useful to choose any grenade with a transfusion effect: look for then the Chupa's Organ or la Tran-Fusion , or any very rare grenade that provides a lot of life theft. You will cure both the skag and Fl4k.


In general, the eridian artifact has little impact on the build and is an accessory that changes according to the activity that is taking place . This is clearly not always true, indeed: on some characters like Amara the artifact becomes a particularly important piece of equipment

In this case, we advise you to use Loot Expander or Last Stand .

The prime will increase the quantity of releases by the enemies, especially those of c ure for energy . This is of obvious importance, but the trick is that any curative vial collected while the ability is active My best friends will also treat the animal. Cure Wi-Fi, yeah!

The second instead give you an effect of invulnerability for 5 seconds whenever your health falls below the 50%, with a cooldown of 40 seconds. This is very important because it allows you to avoid death, while avoiding to distract the skag from the fight to revive you. This Eridian relic has a particularly strong synergy with Re-Charger mentioned above, as well as the ability Beastly power . With this relic you can also exploit a glitch to obtain permanent invulnerability , even if it affects only Fl4k and not its animal.


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