Juicy news are planned for Borderlands 3 in the coming time and are all shown in the Borderlands Show, recently held on Borderlands' official Twitch channel : a whole new set of heads and the new free DLC Strage at the secret Maliwan facility.

First of all, we would like to share a very particular SHiFT code , which will unlock a complete set of heads Halloween theme for all characters


The code is in deadline 5 November 2019 and must be redeemed here . This set of heads is the so-called “Spooky surprise” mentioned in the Borderlands Anniversary event calendar.

However, more news are coming:

Massacre of the Maliwan secret structure

Gearbox has revealed that, in addition to events like the Bloody Harvest , has planned real permanent and free additions to Borderlands 3 , which can be tackled at any time and with any timing but, above all, without having to give up any kind of novelty, whether we are talking about objects, skins, heads.

Maliwan secret structure massacre fits into this new circuit created by Gearbox. It will be a completely new content and, to address it, it will be possible to speak with Lorelei , su Promethea , who will assign you the corresponding quest. The objective of the quest will be to go inside a (no longer secret) structure of the Maliwan corporation, to hit its apparently inexhaustible forces harshly

strage maliwan

The devs recommend to face the next content with a character on the level 50 and, above all, in a complete fireteam, given that it is a calibrated challenge to be faced in a cooperative manner. It will be possible to face the massacre of the secret Maliwan structure both in a team of friends but also using the public matchmaking option , making the challenge literally accessible to anyone.

New types of enemies are announced: the chosen Maliwan troops, such as i Riot Trooper , able to absorb and reflect elemental damage and Stealth Trooper , able to hide; furthermore, it has been confirmed that facing the Slaughter in mode True Hunter , will bring up further variants of enemies.

strage maliwan

The first raid boss of Borderlands 3: Wotan The Invincible

Wotan The Invincible will be a real raid boss. The same wording “The Invincible” is the same one used for all the other raid bosses in the series and will be introduced together with the contents of Strage to the secret Maliwan structure.

Gearbox wanted to create a design very similar to OMGWTH, a raid boss builder of Digistruct Peak, but which maintains its own identity by adopting the classic rounded line typical of Maliwan.

Wotan will attack with missiles from behind his shields and we are right to hypothesize that it will be a more complex raid boss than the bullet sponges we have been used to in the previous chapters.

strage maliwan

A clear signal and warning is the Captain Haunt , with very clear and distinct phases, as well as The Furious in the crypt of Promethea and several other bosses. We could face a new concept of raid, more focused on gimmicks than on pure firepower.

In support of this hypothesis we find the statements of Randy Varnell, Gearbox storyteller.

They are probably a little longer now than the test grounds, but not much […] We like the idea of ​​being able to play a session more than once or play, take a break and come back the next day. They are contents designed to be replayable “

Finally comes the coveted release date: 21 November 2019 . Furthermore, new contents await us 18 November, the date on which the third Borderlands Show will be held, with more details on Strage to the secret Maliwan structure.


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