The fairy tale of Little Briar Rose which recalls the fairy tale of Rosaspina of the brothers Grimm , is preparing to write its pages on the screens of Switch . Elf Games has made official in the past few hours, the arrival on Nintendo's hybrid console of its delightful point and click adventure for the 10 October.

Players are asked to help a dynasty of princes to accomplish their mission in this point and click … outside the box.

Colored and embellished with a very particular graphic style, the game already reviewed on Pc , combines a bold artistic direction to a world of fairy tales to explore: bring harmony to the Gnome village, save the Tritons from the disappearance of water or help a Spriggan to confess his secret love for the sweetest of fairies.

Let's see the announcement trailer of the Switch version of this very nice indie. Good vision.

The developers talk about their game:

Little Briar Rose was born as a project for the Indie Game Maker contest 2014, where he reaches third place in the non-rpg category. Improvement after improvement, Little Briar Rose has almost completely changed its original form, but still has the same spirit and inspiration.


An ancient legend, a cursed castle surrounded by brambles, a forest of funny enchanted creatures and a sweet girl dormant inside. And, of course, a fearless prince. These are the ingredients of Little Briar Rose.

In this unique graphic adventure with a particular stained glass style, the player will guide an entire dynasty of principles in overcoming puzzles, calm dissensions and satisfy the wild demands of the forest inhabitants to complete their mission. But be careful, many will try, but only one will triumph.


  • Let yourself be conquered by the entirely designed graphics, inspired by the artistic style of the windows
  • Relive the story of Rosaspina written by the Grimm brothers in an adventure full of surprises.
  • Experience the wealth of suggestions between the West and the East
  • Explore a fairy-tale and light-hearted world, inhabited by eccentric and original characters
  • Challenge your skill with mini-games and puzzles

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