Can we say that Riot is opening a new chapter within its world thanks to Legends of Runeterra?

The answer is obviously positive! Just a few days after the launch of the open beta of the game (available for everyone here), the first patch (i.e. 0.8.3) was made public which brings few changes but which have been described in detail thanks to the notes of the developers.

Developer notes

Legends of Runeterra will see 0.8.3 as the only patch before the actual release of the public beta.

As announced by the developers themselves, there will be many patches that will accompany the players before the official release of the game scheduled for this year (they will go from “0.9” to arrive to “1.0”).

How often will patches be released?

Speaking of timing, the developers talk about a release every other week (more precisely Tuesday every two weeks) at 18: 30 (Italian time ). The notes will be published starting from 20: 00 (Italian time) of the day before the patch.

As for the size, a theme that always scares many players, the developers have decided to alternate between “small” updates and “big” updates such as with 0.8.3 which will be a rather light patch while, with the arrival of 0.9, things will get bigger.

Here too a question arises: but what is the difference between these two types of patches?

Mainly the aspects that will enlarge the update will be the substantial changes to the cards that will be addressed once a month in order not to go to fill the download game of large size every two weeks.

One of the other tasks that developers have set themselves is not to make level advancement something frustrating, going to ovens re efficient ways to climb and why not make it a fun experience.

The new guardians

They could not miss new characters within a patch and therefore, below, are the three guardians who have finally arrived on Runeterra. From left:

  • Basilisk
  • Silverwing
  • Gloomtooth

Other changes

Basically the changes made to LoR to allow the start of one's “career” as quickly as possible are:

  • Whirling death
  • Yasuo stun damage / base recall

Above are the two animations at which the execution speed has been increased.

Correction of the bugs

We conclude the analysis to the new patch in beauty by going to report what are the corrections to the bugs reported to the developers:

  • By purchasing cards with fragments or jokers, the remaining balance is correctly updated
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving the purchased cards with jokers
  • Fixed various minor problems of the social panel (delays, not eliminable notifications etc.)
  • Seller of used barrels appears among the expeditions archetypes
  • Anivia appears correctly in two expedition archetypes instead of three
  • Reduced the volume of “The box” and ” The Thresh box ”
  • Correction of the rotation of the leg in the celebration animation of T-Hex
  • Improved the resolution of the images of T-Hex and Poro in the Collection

How to register on Legends of Runeterra

At the end of the day, being still an open beta, anyone can register. To do this it will be necessary to connect to the site and click on the top right, on the yellow button with the words “play now”.

At this point two more buttons will appear, in case you you have a Riot account you will need to select the right button which will take you to the page dedicated to access and then to download; if you do not have a Riot account, you will need to click the left button which will allow you to register and create an account. Then you can download the client and finally land in the lands of Runeterra

And finally, for excellent performance in the game, I recommend you take a look here!

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