More and more insistent voices would make you think

In an increasingly competitive market also in the video game sector, it is natural to see the will of the big companies to flood their spaces of influence by acquiring software houses of recognized success for the titles they have been able to produce and that have won the favor of a large audience. It is no wonder, therefore, that now Sony itself, like Microsoft, after the big blow made with the acquisition of Insomniac Games would have in mind, according to HipHopGamer , to add in his team not under the collaborative profile but as one of the different pieces of the company a respectable name, none the less that the Kojima Productions , the studio created by Hideo Kojima, author of Silent Hills and recently of Death Stranding . All this with a view to a policy that tends to face strong competition through a strategy that leads to the affirmation of a brand known and appreciated all over the world and to the consolidation and strengthening of its business area.

The occasion would be to be sought in the interest shown by Hideo towards the new console PS5 for the which not only, it is said, would have contributed with some of his suggestions, but he would be carrying out the project of a game of the horror genre once again using the graphics engine Decima Engine of the Dutch house Guerrilla Games, already tested previously with a personal touch in Death Stranding . Furthermore, the excellent relationship that has existed for some time between the management of the Japanese industry and Kojima, which has always translated into brilliant results for both, would play in favor of this news. It will not be an indispensable and fundamental element, but it is certainly a good start.


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