Hard words like “little worms” for those working in the sector

We will certainly remember the declarations of the U.S. president. Donald Trump against certain video games with violent content in the aftermath of the massacres that took place last summer in El Paso (Texas) and Dayton (Ohio) where they were killed well 31 people. According to the political exponent of the Republican Party, the folly of that fact also lies in the too much ease with which today a problematic young man can “ surround himself with a culture that celebrates violence “, an expression that clearly alludes to the videogame world and affects secondly the software houses listed on Wall Street.

Now, almost for a sort of part condicio , it is the turn of a representative of the Democratic Party, the former US vice-president of the administration Obama, Joe Biden one of the candidates in the next presidential election of the 2020, a prominent figure, therefore, accustomed, as it should be, to weighing words. In fact, in an interview of 19 January 2020 released on In recalling a meeting held in the Oval Office of the White House with some prominent Silicon Valley officials to discuss an intellectual property agreement, The New York Times , apostrophes them as “ the little creeps “[piccoli vermi] mindful that one of them boasted of being an almost billionaire and an artist” because he was able to come up with games to teach you to kill people “[perché era in grado di inventare giochi per insegnarti come uccidere le persone]. And hereinafter confirms that it is precisely the video games!

It is not the case to discover the author who at that moment boasted of such insipidity, yes qualifies alone, but from here to take it out on video games and their developers seems excessive, to make, as a saying goes, all the grass a bundle. If the statement out of that room were true, then we would have hundreds of thousands of violent potentials around the planet, but I can hardly believe it because there are other reasons that really make an individual dangerous for himself and for people. The controversial theme of video games is therefore transversal between political forces and there can be various reasons that push them to embrace theses that specifically emphasize the only negative side, without ever evaluating it objectively in its complexity and with intellectual honesty, so it will continue like this, unfortunately, without due distinction.


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