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It appears that EA is returning to Steam


Eight years after the launch of Origin, EA is about to return to Steam.

EA tweeted a clip of a steaming cup. I see what you did there, EA!


– Electronic Arts (@EA) October 25, 2019

The tweet comes a few days after Twitter's @RobotBrush discovered a trial application for running Origin games on Steam. The suggestion is that EA will allow people to buy and run their games through Valve's rival PC platform, but you will still need to use the Origin launcher.

– lashman (@RobotBrush) October 22, 2019

EA launched Origin in the summer of 2011 and caused kerfuffle enough that later extracted Crysis 2 from Steam and did not release Battlefield 3 there. Since then, every first-party game that EA has released on PC is exclusive to Origin.

If EA is returning to Steam, we could see the likes of FIFA and Star Wars Jedi – Fallen Order sold there. Or maybe Steam users will get some legacy EA titles, like Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2.

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