Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have released the contents of Hitman 2 scheduled for November 2019, celebrating the first anniversary of the game. A wide selection of free live content is made available throughout the month, including the return of some of the best content made available over the months. All game owners will be able to access different featured contracts, escalation contracts, challenge packs, items to unlock, clothes to unlock and an elusive legacy target.


  • The legacy escalation contract 'The dexterity of Bahadur' in Marrakesh (Morocco): available November 7.
  • The legacy escalation contract 'The temptation of Teague' in Paris (France): available November 7.
  • The 'Great Robbery in Whittleton Creek' (Vermont / USA) Challenge Package: Available November 7.
  • The escalation contract 'The audacity of Montague' in Santa Fortuna (Colombia): available on 14 November
  • Contracts in evidence for special occasions (all locations): available on 14 November
  • Legacy challenge pack 'Master seer' in Marrakesh (Morocco): available 14 November
  • Legacy challenge package 'The art of revenge' in Hokkaido (Japan): available on 14 November
  • Live streaming of IO Interactive for HITMAN 2's first anniversary on Twitch: from 18 November
  • 'Blake's Enterprise' challenge package on the island of Sgàil (North Atlantic): available 21 November
  • Legacy escalation contract 'The concealment of Arthin' in Bangkok (Thailand): available on 21 November
  • Legacy escalation contract 'The darkness of Szilassi' in Sapienza (Italy): available on 21 November
  • Legacy challenge package 'The plumber apprentice' in Sapienza (Italy): available on 21 November
  • Legacy challenge pack 'Shooter chosen' in Sapienza (Italy): available on 21 November
  • Elusive legacy target 'The faccendiere' in Marrakesh (Morocco): available 22 November
  • Contract escalation 'Bartholomew's deception' in Haven Island (Maldives): available on 28 November
  • Escalation contract 'The McCallister robbery' at Whittleton Creek (Vermont / USA): available on 28 November
  • Contract escalation 'Quimby's dilemma' on the island of Sgàil (North Atlantic): available on 28 November

The pass expansions is now available at 39, 99 euros and is also included in the Gold Edition which contains Haven Island (Maldives) and New York (USA), Sniper Assassin maps, challenges, missions, costumes, completely new weapons and other news, available at 99, 99 EUR.

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